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Weekly eBooks on EBSCOhost (formerly NetLibrary) Update #6 - Media Center and Download Manager

from EBSCO:

This week's update concerns the NetLibrary Media Center and Download Manager, both of which will remain available to users until the final transition from NetLibrary to EBSCOhost is completed in July 2011. At that time, the Media Center and NetLibrary Download Manager will be retired and a new, enhanced version of the Download Manager will become available.

Knowing how important it is that all users be made aware of these changes, we will send a message to Media Center users that will contain the information posted on this page. Access to the page will also be provided from the NetLibrary web site, to further ensure that all active users will have the chance to learn about these important changes in advance of the transition.

This is a one-time communication to users, important because they will need to save their personal account content (notes on eBooks, lists of eBooks/Audiobooks, and any information on holds they may have placed on eBooks/Audiobooks) somewhere safe, before the transition takes place. After the transition to EBSCOhost, users will be able to set up their own My EBSCOhost accounts for saving and managing their eBooks and Audiobooks.

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Have a question? Check out the NetLibrary Support Center on EBSCO's Support Site, or drop us a line with your question using the EBSCO Online Support Form.

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