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EBSCO Points of View Back to School Newsletter

from EBSCO:

Welcome to another academic year! We are kicking off with new content on Points of View Reference Center (PoV) and Points of View Debate Blog. More updates are on the way.

New Content - On Points of View Reference Center, you'll find articles about "Arab Spring," "Conspiracy Theories," and the "Transportation Infrastructure." Transportation dominated as the 2012 National Debate Topic, and summoned lively debate this summer at the National Forensics League annual tournament. To learn more about winning high school debate teams, click a link to the National Forensics League Tournament Page.

The debut topic on Points of View Debate Blog this year is gun violence, focused primarily on the recent tragedies in Aurora, Colorado, at the Empire State Building, and a Sikh temple in Wisconsin. These events have dominated news coverage and relate to many significant debates in the U.S., including gun control, racism, psychology and the media.

Monthly Prize - Our monthly award for the best student blog comment continues this year. The winning comment will be selected from responses to the designated monthly topic. We encourage student participation. Healthy and reasoned debate can help improve communication and critical thinking skills. Debate gives students an opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue with their peers and instructors.

We hope you will peruse the blog regularly and direct your students to subjects relating to the curriculum, or other topics that naturally arise in classroom discussions. Tips and guides for writing a winning comment are provided here. When you visit the blog, please note that past topics are available for comment as well. These are archived on the blog for reference. Students are encouraged to share their views on these topics as well. However, the monthly prize is only awarded for comments related to the current monthly topic.

Our Points of View Debate Blog moderator reviews all comments before posting to the blog site. All comments must relevant and respectful. Comments containing spam, offensive language, or personal attacks will be rejected.

Let Us Hear from You! - As always, we encourage new topic suggestions from students and educators. Ideas? Questions? Let us know, using the blog's contact form.

Points of View Debate Blog is a free companion service to Points of View Reference Center. Go to http://www.ebscohost.com/pov-blog, follow it on Twitter @PointsofView_EP, or email us at debateblog@ebscohost.com.

Wishing you a great start to the academic year!

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