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Web-based Chat

There is a new(er) player in the rhealm of chat software available to libraries, a web-based chat tool called meebo. Just like Gaim or Trillian, meebo is a multiplatform IM tool that allows you to talk to anyone with an AIM, Yahoo, GoogleTalk, or MSN screen name. However, Meebo differs from Gaim or Trillian because nothing needs to be downloaded. You just sign in to your (FREE) meebo account and start IM'ing with anyone and everyone.

Another great feature that Meebo has recently unveiled is meebo me. Which is a small web to IM gateway widget that librarians can put on webpages that allows people without IM accounts to IM the library’s screen name. It is pretty much 90% of the functionality of vendor driven web-based chat products….but it is FREE. And it just works. And doesn’t commandeer their whole browser. Etc, etc.

Here’s the full post on the meebo blog: librarian love. There are a few nice, “Yay libraries!” comments on it.

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