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Another Chat Window Widget

So, as I mentioned earlier, I added a chat window to this blog. The Meebo Me widget. However, there is another chat window widget out there that I wanted to bring attention to. It's called Plugoo, www.plugoo.com. The differences between MeeboMe and Plugoo are that Plugoo works in conjunction with another IM client, like GoogleTalk, AOL, MSN. You need to be registered with one of those IM clients but the user asking a question need not be registered or logged in to another IM client. Also, Plugoo will only allow one chat session at a time. If you are chatting with a user other users that visit your site will see a "busy" message in the chat window. MeeboMe allows you to chat with as many users as you can stand at once.

I also found out that Plugoo is from a company based in France which adheres to more strict computer privacy regulations than the U.S. In case that makes any difference in reviewing chat window widget products. I decided to go with Meebo Me because I was already using them as my multiplatform IM client account manager and it was just so easy to set up and use. I'm sure Plugoo is just as easy to use but it doesn't have a multiplaform feature and I am pretty hooked on Meebo's multiplatform manager.

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