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Research Project Calculator

Helping students jump-start their research! The latest Cool Tool @ Your Library for Minnesota secondary school students and their teachers is here. The Research Project Calculator, www.elm4you.org/research, is a great way to introduce students to the research process.

The calculator gives students the option of choosing between three different format types for their project: essay, powerpoint, or video. Once a student enters an end date for their project and format type the calculator will show them the process broken down into 5 steps: Question, Gather, Conclude, Communication, and Evaluate with completion dates for each step. Each step offers information about what that step entails and how to go about completing it. For instance, Step 2, Gather, gives information about what the step is about, where to look for information, forming search techniques, how to identify best sources, how to record information, and how to cite sources. Students can then either print out the steps or have the steps emailed to themselves.

Look for more information about the Research Calculator and other interesting articles coming in the March issue of Reference Notes.

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