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Google tutorials

Google Personalized Homepage
Tired of scrolling through bookmarks or typing in dictionary.com to look up a word? A customized Google homepage might be right for you! This tool can assist you in accomplishing repetitive personal tasks or assist you at the Reference Desk with common questions. Watch this 11 minute tutorial now to learn how to setup a customized Google homepage!


Google Customized Search Engine

Ever wish you could search a specific group of sites and not the whole Internet? The Google customized search engine allows you to designate specific sites on a topic or interest to search. This is a great tool to help K12 students learn about authoritative and reliable websites, and possibly create a customized search engine on their topic. Do you work in an academic environment? As a department liaison, or instruction librarian, you could create a customized search engine for a course or subject area. You can use the Librarian's E-Library customized search engine to search all the library-related websites for a topic of interest at once. Watch this 11 minute tutorial now to learn how to setup a customized Google search engine!


Who is this for? Anyone interested in learning Google's functionality and how librarian's can harness some of the tools.


I just watched the Google Personalized Homepage tutorial. I thought it was really well done. I'm so excited about this and I wasn't aware that you could create a homepage. Anyway thanks to Minitex for creating this type of easily accessible training.

I've been experimenting some with the customized search engine tool to create a searchable database of freely available collection of primary sources. I haven't actually included it yet on my other lists of resources, but have hopes that it will be used.

I'm really interested in hearing from others who've done something similar to support a department or course.

Great tutorials!


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