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MN ESL, Bilingual & Migrant Education Conference

On Friday, May 4, MINITEX Reference Services exhibited at the MN ESL, Bilingual & Migrant Education Conference. I was amazed by the great turnout and amount of inquiring attendees, especially ESL and ELL K12 teachers that have never heard of ELM. They were VERY interested to hear that the databases were broken down by grade levels, and each entry had reading level indicators. The K12 teachers also perked up to hear that many education journals were freely accessible to them through the Professional Collection and Academic Search Premier.

We presented two mini presentations at the conference. One was an ELM Overview and the other was strictly on Informe. Both sessions were presentation based, but Q&A occurred during each slide. They were very dynamic groups, who wanted to know as much as possible about the resources, and gobbled up every extra handout that was left to pass along to their colleagues (too bad it wasn’t a full-day workshop)!

The booth next to me was the MN Advocates for Human Rights, and the representative there was the one who created teacher packets on immigration history and rights, complete with PowerPoint presentations. I told her abound MN Reflections and how she can find images and documents of early immigrants to MN, and she was overjoyed to know of such a resource to incorporate into her presentations.

The conference was a HUGE success, and we look forward to attending again next year!

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