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QuotationsBook Launches Network for Finding Quotes

QuotationsBook Launches Network for Finding Quotes

May 29, 2007 — 12:42 AM PDT — by Kristen Nicole

QuotationsBook is a newly launched service that will find quotes from noted authors and provide additional information regarding the particular quote you need.

QuotationsBook acts as an online resource for quotes. You can search by author or by subject, and QuotationsBook offers a good amount of related quotes based on author and tag words that have been assigned. It’s also integrated a “suggestions” feature that operates like Google’s own Suggest tool, giving you search ideas as you type in your query. This is most helpful if you don’t know how to spell an author’s name. QuotationsBook has also included several ways in which to get your quote fix in every day. Choose from its RSS feed, email, or widget for having quotes delivered. As a registered member, you can save quotes to your own account, and see what quotes they’ve saved as well.

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