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Reinventing Refernece | ALA Conference | David Ward

Second half of the morning: David Ward from UIUC gave a talk on R U There? Implementing, training, and marketing for IM services in new user spaces.

btw, just before the talk the librarian sitting next to me saw me blogging and asked if I could look up the T-Mobile locations in DC for her because she forgot her cell phone charger. She said I could chalk that up as a mobile reference question!

Main points of Ward's talk:
Defining IM - multiple uses/technologies - understanding the difference between IM and chat
Implementation - start up
-figure out what you're going to do with IM/chat services before you get started
-use internally, get staff use to the technology
-practice IM style - use all flavors
-define necessary features
-know why chat fails
-get your own money
Generating Buy-in
-involve admin/staff
-tie in to strategic goals
-security issues - great post in Librarian in Black about this, helps librarians confront stallworth IT dept
-IM talking points - available in WalkingPaper.org
-UIUC usage stats:
vendor chats:
apr 04 - 464; apr 05 - 236; apr06 - 178; apr07 - 269
apr04 - 0 (not implemented yet); apr05 - 409; apr06 - 586; apr07 - 773
see the trend? GO WHERE THE USE IS!

hey Vendors! - we want a widget on every page like the meebo widget. (ok, that's my own editorial, but an overall observation of what he was trying to get at)

Marketing - 2 kinds:
1.) Marketing for IM
-getting your service noticed - needs assessment/meeting user needs - branding
-business cards, posters, website....
-instruction sessions, programming
2.) Marketing with IM
-what does it say about your library staff
-new library brand
-away messages - can advertise other services & guides
-profile names - don't be staunchy (hi! IM staunchy)
-establish collaborative personality

New Stuff to use w/for IM:
-one-to-one/one-to-many/many-to-many i.e. meebo rooms
-peer-to-peer like wikis/answer websites - can libs. be a conduit for research discussion outside the library?
-video, VoIP i.e. skype - try to get the speed of voice and technology to integrate - like sending a activated link with your voice
-virtual worlds/gaming - collaborative, social, simulations, communication tools - another conduit possibility for libraries
Ward's ideal IM for collaborative services like statewide dig ref services: have one entry point with many different librarians and types of librarians on and have a bounce back message to the patron saying a librarian will be with them shortly then have that put into a queue for a librarian to pick up.

I think that last piece but most of his talk are things that I've already heard/said/done/use. Not too revolutionary but good points all the same. His presentation and Michael Stephens presentation will be/is available at TameTheWeb.com/downloads.

Afternoon session coming up!

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