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U of M Libraries Join Google Digitization Project

The University of Minnestoa Libraries along with the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC), which includes the "Big 10" institutions plus the University of Chicago, have mad an agreement with Google to digitize up to 10 million volumes from the CIC collections, with particular focus on "collections of distinction." Continuously updated information will be available through CIC's website.

University Libraries will be joining other universities such as Harvard, Oxford, Michigan, California, and Texas. Similar to those agreements, the CIC plan will address volumes in the general collections, but the "collections of distinction" is a new twist. These are focused areas of historic strength in each CIC library which will be digitized in their entirety. Further, the CIC agreement represents significant collective action in coordinating large-scale digitization. University Libraries hope to include up to one million volumes from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities holdings (archives and special collections are not included).

The project has the enthusiastic support of the provost and president. They recognize the incredible opportunity this presents and the public benefit that will come from access to the collections CIC has developed over many institutional lifetimes.

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