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Virtual Reference Discussion Group

Round Table discussion
Fixing it Up - If YOU could fix or customize your VR system, what would you change?

-I don't have notes from this sesison because I was a table facilitator and handed in all the notes contributed by the group.

Main points:
-we want to see an integration of IM and vendor-based chat software that allows our users to contact us using any format that they want and have it come to us in one place
-fix co-browse!!!
-statistics, great - we want more controll/customization - integrated in IM
-greater customization of patron subject area filtered to appropriate areas (I'm losing the point on this one)
-Florida State found a way to extract stats from their meebo acct - i asked them to put it up on webjunction.org - i'll keep checking
-how are we going to get vendors to listen to our feedback? - we may just end up developing open source software to do what we want instead of waiting around for vendors to respond

-sorry folks, it's the end of the day and that's about all i'm able to remember

-tomorrow, another full day!

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