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2007 Turtle Derby

This year MINITEX Reference Services sponsored a turtle, Speedy Reference, in the 21st Annual Turtle Derby at the U of MN.  All money raised goes towards purchasing educational toys and games for the Children's Hospital, Fairview.  The day was full of dancing, turtle sundaes and cheering on numerous heats of turtles.  Sadly, Speedy Ref wasn't so speedy.  He did not place in his heat,so he did not win the title "Grandest Turtle of All."  All the turtles are from the metro area that have been hit by cars or boats and were rehabilitated on campus.  This was their last test before being released back into the wild. 

Speedy Reference Cheer team Speedy Reference Cheer Team (L-R: Mark Wilhelmi, Kristen Mastel, Sara Ring)

Speedy Reference and the competition Speedy Ref is the one with a purple handkerchief

For more information on this event, visit: http://www.uofmchildrenshospital.org/About/News/c_367193.asp

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