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MINITEX Reference Staff Participate as QuestionPoint Editors

MINITEX Reference Services staff, Beth Staats and Carla Steinberg Pfahl, have volunteered to be QuestionPoint editors of Global Knowledge Base records. There are a total of 25 editors nationwide working to edit an ongoing list of records of about 3000 question and answer pieces. These records need to be edited to delete out private information, extraneous information, and delete records that do not necessarily need to be in the Global Knowledge Base. Paula Rumbaugh from OCLC and Peter Armenti from Library of Congress were the only editors of the Global Knowledge Base but have realized that it has become a bit unwieldy and sent a message out for participation. The Global Knowledge Base is viewable by anyone and can be accessed via a library offering QuestionPoint Email and/or Chat reference. The Knowledge Base is also available to the public directly via OCLC from: http://questionpoint.org/crs/servlet/org.oclc.home.BuildPage?show=searchkb&language=1

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