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Slam the Boards!

Slam the Boards! invites all librarians for a day of answers. That's right. Mark your calendar for Monday, Sept. 10. Log on to an "Answer" site such as Yahoo Answers, Amazon's Askville, The WikiPedia Reference Desk - see a list of others at http://answerboards.wetpaint.com/page/Registry+of+Answer+Boards?mail=1127.

The point of this day-long deluge of helpful and accurate answers to people's questions on these sites is to, first and foremost, answer people's questions but also to market ourselves as librarians. Let them know that their question was answered by a librarian and that's what we do, that's one of the services their local public library provides.

Like MySpace and Facebook, it's another way of extending ourselves outside the walls of our own libraries and reaching out to where the people are. You may want to prepare by visiting any of the answer sites in advance and see if you need to set up an account to answer questions and you may even want to dip your toe in the water and try answering a question in advance as well just to get the feel for how the site works. It's not much different than a digital reference service.

This great idea was started by Caleb Tucker-Raymond.

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