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Slam the Boards Update

From the DigRef listserv via Bill Pardue:

Caleb-Tucker Raymond and I have been contacted by John Klem of Yahoo's Social Search team (the folks behind Yahoo Answers). They're quite intrigued and excited about the prospect of so many librarians getting involved for Slam the Boards. John wanted to extend a special invitation to try and fast-track "Slam" librarians into Yahoo's special Knowledge Partner status (see http://answers.yahoo.com/info/knowledge_partners) for details. You'll be asked to select an area of expertise (are you seeing this business librarians, health librarians, lit specialists, etc.?!). In addition to having a "Knowledge Partner" designation on your answers, they will be looked at a bit more closely by the Yahoo editorial staff and may be highlighted on the Yahoo Answers home page. Some best answers from Knowledge Partners may also eventually be given prioritized rankings in the Yahoo search engine.

Interested? Act now!

There's not a lot of time to try to add a huge list of librarians before Monday, but John will do his best. Send ME (bpardue@ahml.info) your name, e-mail and Yahoo screen name by Friday, 9/7, 11 a.m. Chicago time (CDT). I will forward the names collectivly to John and he will send follow-ups to you. If you can't contact me by then, you'll probably still be able to do this in the future, it just won't be in time for Slam the Boards.

What's my commitment?

Naturally, Yahoo wants participants who will stay involved (isn't that the ultimate goal of Slam the Boards, too?). They currently ask Knowledge Partners to pick up 10 questions per week, but are willing to be more flexible for us. John will detail that a bit more in his replies.

One of the things I've mentioned to John is that many librarians are "generalists" who look up answers on topics that we aren't specifically experts on, rather than experts who can write authoritatively on a given subject. John said that Yahoo is working on refining the designations over time, but that we should still take the opportunity now to submit our names.

Anyway, I'm going to do it, and I'm hoping many more of us will, too!


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