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Tomorrow's Workforce

I just read the article “Biz Kids: Today’s tech-savy kids want everything yesterday. So what happens when they hit the workforce?” in July/August 2007 issue of Training. It had some interesting discussions on education and the traditional classroom model of desks and a blackboard with the teacher lecturing that is used in most classrooms today, rather than creating information together , in an interactive learning environment, which the elementary kids of today do outside of class. The No Child Behind initiative was discussed and the issue of teachers teaching kids how to test.  An interesting thought on this issue is that if kids are being tested through multiple choice, “which do not require much higher-level thinking skills, our future workforce might have fewer problem solving skills and less practiced high-level reasoning.”   However, this is where extracurricular activities and today’ students pastime of gaming excel. Gaming is all about solving a problem or developing a certain skill using high-level reasoning. 

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