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Podcast with Beth Kelly







 Beth's Podcast: Download file

 During September, I had the opportunity to interview Beth Kelly, former Duluth Public Library Director, on reflections on her career, aspirations and future retirement plans. Beth was kind enough to participate in a phone interview using Skype, so neither of us had to travel and fit me in between her upcoming trip to Ireland and numerous volunteer commitments. For Kelly, libraries are a place of cooperation, environmental consciousness, civility, and self-directed learning, among other things.


This interview is fairly long, 35 minutes, but I couldn't cut any more from our one-hour chat- Beth has a lot of wisdom to share.  New graduates will find her path to librarianship encouraging, and directors will find her her ah ha! moment while being Director reassuring. 


Maybe I am hungry at the moment, but two of my favorite blurbs from Beth are, "Thinking about working in a public library was like thinking about someone who is a chocoholic and working at Ghirardelli. . . love using everything in a public library."  When discussing the computer usage at Duluth she said, "maybe all these things [computer usage] are not the broccoli, they are the carbohydrates." Implying this is okay! 


We encourage every librarian to be the “voice” behind a MINITEX podcast and share your expertise and experiences with the greater community.  Podcasts are featured on the MINITEX Reference Services blog under the category “On the Road with MINITEX.”  If interested in participating in a podcast or you know someone who would be great to interview, please contact me. 

Discussion Questions

1.  What keeps you energized working at a library?

2.  What was your path to librarianship? 

3.  What do you love about libraries? 

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