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Open Invite from MN SLA Division

To all MLA Members:
MN SLA Library 2.0

After hearing Michael Stephen's lecture on Library 2.0: Trends and Technologies, several SLA members and I decided it was something we wanted to explore. We decided to use the 9 Week Learning 2.0 plan developed by Helene Blowers of PLCMC as a tool to explore the technologies in an informal group. Every week, starting in January and concluding in March, we will learn about a new technology/tool. Every couple of weeks we'll get together to brainstorm these technologies and how they could be used in Special Libraries. I've created a blog that discusses this program in more detail: http://mnslalibrary20.blogspot.com

Please fill out my 3 question survey after viewing the blog: http://tinyurl.com/2uvsuw

Thanks! Feel free to email me at kathy.degenhardt@target.com with any questions or comments about this program.

Kathy Degenhardt

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