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Reference Game Online


Carnegie Mellon Libraries has created two library games. The "I'll Get It" game features you as the librarian helping students with electronic and print materials to answer their questions.  A good game to brush up on reference skills. 



I think that Logan makes some very bright points. If School Library Media Specialists want people to listen they need to speak the language all schools are listening to--improving student achievement. In this day of NCLB and high stakes testing everyone is looking for the next big thing that will help improve test scores and achievement. The SLMS has been doing this all along they just haven't been making that point known. I think that by approaching advocacy from the standpoint of educational achievement partner, not only will people listen but we will be heard with a new found interest and respect.

Logan, is so right when she said we as librarians need to back up our advocacy for libraries with student data. We need to show with the library and librarian's help student's performances have improved and as she says we connect all this together with the library literacy lessons. A state legislature is going to be way more willing to listen to a librarian talk about the library program if it can be connected to students and their academic performances.

I am not in a library but I have experienced how a book fair strengthens the patrons and children supporting the local school library program. When coming in to purchase books from the fair the patrons observes how the other services of the library work. I think the success is in the continued support of the outside patrons coming to the book fair and library.

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