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Spotting the Library Trends That Really Matter

MINITEX is pleased to host the following College of DuPage teleconference:
Trends, Fads or Folly: Spotting the Library Trends That Really Matter
Presented by the College of DuPage
Friday, April 11, 2008, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM (Central Time)
This program examines how these other trends are having an impact on libraries—and what libraries are or should be doing to integrate these trends into their services (e.g., gaming is an obvious one that libraries are using to draw the younger generation into the library). This show contains a series of case studies that demonstrate how libraries are using trendspotting to create the right services for their communities.
  • TBD
No charge.  Registration is required to view the event via desktop streaming OR at Wilson Library.  To register, visit: http://www.minitex.umn.edu/events/teleconferences/#fadsFolly
OR – Participate at a regional downlink site to view the teleconference and discuss afterwards!  For a list of downlink sites, visit: http://www.minitex.umn.edu/events/teleconferences/downlink.aspx

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