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Teens Know Best


School Library Journal just intereviewed Adela Peskorz, Faculty Librarian and Associate Professor of Adolescent Literature and Information Studies, Metropolitan State University (MN).  Peskorz "becomes den mother to anywhere between 20 to 45 teens, all clamoring to get their hands on new galleys from teen and young adult publishers. The self-titled Teens Know "Best" YA Galley Group is part of YALSA's Young Adult (YA) Galley/Teen's Top Ten Project which uses 15 public libraries and school library media centers from across the country to provide feedback to publishers of young adult books. "

To read the full article, visit: http://www.schoollibraryjournal.com/article/CA6551777.html?nid=4302&rid=1529597745&source=link



I am a Mom of a tween with a physical disability, was surfing the net and came across your site.

I want to bring your attention to a book my daughter and I recently read that would be in the YA (ages 8-12 probably) category called Bitter Tastes by V.B. Rosendahl.

It's a good, old-fashioned mystery with a girl protagonist (a la Nancy Drew) who also has a physical disability that makes it extra hard for her being the "new kid in town." It is an excellent book for young people (and adults) to read to better understand the world of physical challenges some people live in.

Please help spread the word about this wonderful book.


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