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Trends, Fads or Folly available via streaming

MINITEX is pleased to announce the following College of DuPage teleconference is available via streaming video. 
Soaring to Excellence 2008
Trends, Fads or Folly: Spotting the Library Trends that Really Matter
This video will be available via streaming for approximately 60 days.  After this date MINITEX will have a copy of the program that may be borrowed.
Here is the link for video streaming Trends, Fads or Folly.

Many desktop steaming participants experienced difficulties due to network problems on the College of DuPage end.   We extend our sincerest apologies that many were not able to watch the video during the scheduled time, but hope you will take some time to view it over the next two months, as it was a very engaging session.


One interesting fact I took away: In 2007, over 50% of the bestselling books in Japan were cell phone novels. 

Description: This program examines how these other trends are having an impact on libraries—and what libraries are or should be doing to integrate these trends into their services (e.g., gaming is an obvious one that libraries are using to draw the younger generation into the library). This show contains a series of case studies that demonstrate how libraries are using trendspotting to create the right services for their communities.

·         Tom Peters is the CEO of TAP Information Services (www.tapinformation.com), which provides a wide variety of services supporting libraries, library-related organizations, government agencies, technology companies, publishers, and other information-intensive organizations.
·         Lori Bell is Director of Innovation at the Alliance Library System. She writes and coordinates grant projects for ALS system members.

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