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ARLIS Sell It!

Another presentation I went to at ARLIS was Sell It! The session presenter was Jeanette Valenti, a Professor of Human Communication, and discussed presentation techniques. It was very nice because she got audience interaction by having us discuss within a small group what makes us nervous, and what works for us to minimize those feelings of nervousness? The first point she made was to know your audience! Know that your audience is rooting for you and wants you to succeed. She also suggest practicing so you are familiar with props, dialogue, etc. Also, carpe diem; seize every opportunity to speak from meetings to impromptu presentations- you get better with practice. Be organized- keep it simple and stick to the main points. Use human interest components, such as humor and stories, but be true to yourself. (For example, I am really poor at telling jokes, so rather than trying to be funny I tell a story or share a current event.) Another item she suggested is to have a backup plan. How often does technology fail just when you need it? Have screen shots and handouts to supplement and save you if the technology fails. These and others were the highlights of her presentation. 

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