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PLA in LJ News

The latest issue of Library Journal, May 1, 2008, contains an excellent summary of highlights from PLA. Though, many of library staff from the MINITEX region were able to attend due to Minneapolis hosting the conference, if you were at all like me, there were two or more sessions during one timeslot I wanted to attend, so reading others’ thoughts from panels I couldn’t make it to I find extremely valuable.    For example, I did not make it to Jack Polings’ discussion of how one of the 356 empty Wal-Mart stores in Texas was converted into a public library. He brought up the benefits such as amply parking, site space and cost-effective, however he also stated that patrons should not have to walk one-tenth of a mile to obtain services, so they set up mobile service desks.  To read more LJ highlights from the conference, visit: http://www.libraryjournal.com/article/CA6551194.html

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