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Yahoo Answers

An interesting article on June 29, 2008, The Oracle Collective, in the NYT about Yahoo Answers. 

"In fact, people ask the Web all kinds of crazy things, including “Does he love me?” (Mamay: “He’s 13, he doesn’t know what love is.”) Look over your own Google search history, if you can bear it. Embarrassment does not inhibit us, as it must have inhibited callers to the public library. "



We just posted an article, "Lose Your Wikipedia Crutch: 100 Places to Go for Good Answers Online"(http://www.distancedegrees.com/2008/lose-your-wikipedia-crutch-100-places-to-go-for-good-answers-online/). I thought I'd bring it to your attention in case you think your readers would find it interesting.

Either way, thanks for your time!

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