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The world according to Google

I am just starting to explore the new (beta) Google Chrome. Of course, I like to dive in to (most) new tools, gadgets, and digi toys w/o reading the instructions. I want to explore and discover and see how intuitive the ease of use is first and then I'll read more about it to understand full capability and extras I wasn't able to discover on my own.

Remember in the 5th grade when everyone was given a piece of paper with instructions on it and the teacher told you to read the whole thing first and then go back and begin doing what the instructions said? Shortly after distributing the paper, you heard people clapping, barking, and basically making fools of themselves as they read through the instructions and did what it said. Then you got to the end and it said something like, "Don't do any of the above, this was just a test". I think it's just human nature to do first and then read instructions.

So this is what I'm doing with Google Chrome but I've already got questions and am trying to go back and find the answers and not finding them. Before I get into my questions, I'll go over my initial discoveries and likes:

-Hey! They've combined the search field and the url field in one box!!! Wow! that's so cool. I can search for something or enter a url and it will begin adding search string suggestions as I go along for either.

-It automatically imports my bookmarks and favorites upon download. Very convenient.

-Like the new font look. Different, refreshing (but I'm such this will fade soon enough).

-Be like spy! I can click on "New Incognito Window" which will open a new window that I can search/view pages and it won't appear in my browser history or search history and it won't leave cookies or other traces of me behind. Sweet!

-Pages load super fast! Not sure if this is Google Chrome or the fact that I'm playing around with this at 7am and there's not much traffic at this hour. But Google does say in their cartoonized About section (Note: we should all take a lesson from Google on how to put together an engaging About section!) that it is suppose to increase speed of pages.

Now some questions:

-Where is the home button? How do I add a home button to the tool bar?

-For that matter how do I customize my tool bar? Arrange bookmarks, add plugins and tool bar buttons as well as much more? Google Chrome has really streamlined their tool bar section, I think I'm too spoiled with Firefox in this regard. I like playing with my tool bar and adding/deleting things that are conveniently one click away like my Delicious tags. Haven't found where I can add this yet.

-Why do tabs of pages I'm viewing have to go away when I create a an application shortcut? Note: need to read more about why creating application shortcuts are useful and what they all can do.

That's all for now. I still need to explore this further but I like having the option of another browser like this. It's definitely a step forward in design, architecture, and usability.

Hey, if you're interested in more info about Google Tools, Little Green Bar has a great write up on Amazing Google Tools that is well worth the time to read - even before you dive into them w/o reading the instructions!

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