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Texting a librarian just got a little bit easier

As reported in Wallstreet Journal's Market Watch, there is a new mobile reference software from vendor Mosio, Text a Librarian (textalibrarian.com) that looks promising. According to the Market Watch article, for $99/month plus set up fees, Text a Librarian is able to provide a library/branch with their own secure, live mobile Q&A SMS line that "works across all major carriers, mobile phones and devices, and works seamlessly with existing email and IM systems."

From the Text a Librarian website, it claims to be easy to set up and easy to use allowing libraries to be up and running with the service the same day the sign up. Checking out their demo and how-it-works page it doesn't look too difficult to encorporate it into an existing email or IM service. Plus Q&A pieces are retained in a web-based format that you can share with your patrons as an FAQ resource.

With more and more people using text messaging as an everyday way of communicating this is definitely an option libraries should consider. Another access point for you patrons!

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