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Libraries in the News: StarTribune and Pioneer Press

More write ups about how library usage is up during tough times. This time, two great articles in StarTribune and Pioneer Press from Sunday, Feb. 15, 2009.

In the StarTribune article, Users aren't the only ones looking to save at libraries, talks about library services overall are up and people finding the need greater than ever to not only take advantage of the library resources such as books and videos but also computer use and technology classes. People fear budget cuts will take away many of these resources that people depend on. Also note the +25 comments of StarTribune readers about their thoughts on budget cuts and the place of the library.

In the Pioneer Press, Melanie Huggins, Director of St. Paul Public Libraries, writes a descriptive editorial about the ways libraries need to be thinking of positioning itself for the next few years. She talks about the library as value to the community and what that is worth. Being the place for learning and development, libraries need to tap into the demands currently facing the community at large: Help people find, get and create jobs, get kids ready to learn, and make sure youth are successful in school. Very well put.

There is a swell of talk around the need for libraries in these tough times and it's great to continuously find new articles from newspapers across the country as well as in our own State hearing about how libraries and librarians are meeting the needs and demands of their communities.

On another note, ALA is announcing Woman's Day magazine contest. Write stories to promote libraries and get published in Woman's Day. Another great media tool to promote library usage and resources!

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