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2.0 Tools in 2.0 Minutes

What do you think of when you think of “2.0”? For some, the term brings to mind time-wasting websites and misplaced library efforts. Others fully embrace 2.0 and spread themselves - and their libraries - successfully throughout the social web. Many of us are likely somewhere in the middle: interested in new tools, but not sure how to efficiently incorporate them into our professional duties.

Today we’d like to open up a new series of videos that speak to people in all of these scenarios: “2.0 Tools in 2.0 Minutes.” This ongoing series will profile a 2.0 tool and highlight its value to you, the busy library professional, in almost no time flat. You’ll find no 2.0 for the sake of 2.0 here, though; nothing bleeding edge just because it’s bleeding edge. Instead, we’ll only highlight tools that can help you do your everyday job more efficiently. We’ll answer the question, how can 2.0 tools help me be more productive, not less?

The series begins with what we believe to be the most essential element of the 2.0 revolution, and arguably the tool that can add the most productivity to your work day by bringing valuable information to you: RSS Feeds (2:00). Then we’ll take a look at how Greasemonkey (2:17) can help you customize and optimize specific websites. And we’ll end with a tour of a tool that grants free access to office products like word processors, spreadsheets, and presentation software from anywhere with an Internet connection: Zoho (1:59).

These videos are the first three in an ongoing series. To determine which tools to cover next, we’d like to hear from you. What single 2.0 tool has been most effective in making your work more efficient? Drop a comment and we’ll consider your favorite site for the dubious honor of being the next “2.0 Tools in 2.0 Minutes” video.


Great idea! Looking forward to more of these.

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