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E-Books Will Change the Way We Read - WSJ Article

There was a great article in the Sunday Wall Street Journal: How the E-Book Will Change the Way We Read and Write.

E-Books is not a languishing industry. On the contrary, they are just starting to pick up steam. For many years I kept hearing about how e-books were not going anywhere and were going to die out before their benefits were ever realized. Not so. There are two great revolations I have started to hear more about in the area of e-books that give great hope to the future of e-books. One is the resourcefulness of metadata - the searchability of the content of books. The other, is the socialability of e-books.

With more books being digitized and becoming more openly and readily available the content within them is also opening up. The article, however, focuses more on the socialability aspect of e-books. No more are books a solitary environment. In many ways, we can now share, discuss, discover, purchase, and borrow e-books in an instant where discussion of books, their content, intent, ideas, and recommendations from friends may have taken a longer process. At many times, because dependent on so many vary needs, those social links were often times broken as well.

There is a huge transformation taking place with the arrival of digitized books that we had never seen before. People and books were once separate items, however, more we will start seeing people carrying their own library in their smart phones, they will share what they have, they will discuss what they have, they will purchase new books wherever they are. Perhaps they don't want to purchase a full book, maybe just a chapter. People will now be able to dig their hands in the book and pull out pieces they like, change them around, mix them up, add them with other content from other e-books.

It's very exciting to see e-books start to take off and seeing the future of possibilities for them. This is just the beginning. As more and more books become available online, there will certainly be more ways of viewing and accessing them as well as the new ideas that will come from this growth.

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