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MnKnows - Spread the Word!

Help us spread the word about MnKnows - Dig Deeper @ Your Library (www.mnknows.org), the new portal that gives Minnesota students and library patrons one-stop access to five statewide library services: MnLINK Gateway, Electronic Library for Minnesota (ELM), Minnesota Reflections, AskMN, and the Research Project Calculator. We've established a website where you can retrieve the MnKnows logos to add to your library's website and use for other publicity purposes.

• See: "About" page on the MnKnows website: http://www.mnknows.org/about.php ("Help Us Promote MnKnows")

Minnesota academic and state government libraries are receiving a packet of MnKnows bookmarks (100 per packet) in the Delivery System. If you want more packets, please see the contact information at the end of this message.

Minnesota public libraries are receiving bookmarks through their regional public library systems.

Minnesota media centers - please contact us directly to let us know how many bookmarks you need for your schools.

To help us spread the word below is the core message - you can adapt this for your use in your library or for submissions to your local news media:

MnKnows - Dig Deeper @ Your Library (www.mnknows.org) gives Minnesotans one-stop access to five statewide library services:

• Find books, CDs, DVDs, articles and more through the MnLINK Gateway and have them delivered to a local library.
• Search trusted information resources in the Electronic Library for Minnesota (ELM) to find online articles and electronic books on a vast array of topics.
• Discover photos, documents and maps related to Minnesota history through Minnesota Reflections.
• Get real-time answers from a librarian 24/7 at AskMN.
• Use the Research Project Calculator to create sensible timelines for student's homework.

Leveraging state, local, and federal funds to supplement the resources of local libraries, MnKnows (or, read it as "Minnesota knows") functions through the cooperation of libraries, school media centers, and cultural heritage organizations throughout the state. When visitors wish to dig deeper at their local library, MnKnows.org provides a link to the Minnesota Library Directory, which lists public, academic, and other libraries in a specified area. The directory is maintained by State Library Services, a division of the Minnesota Department of Education.

Depending upon your planned use for the material, you may want to add from the following supplementary information:


The five MnKnows resources will also continue to be available at their individual URLs:

• MnLINK Gateway http://www.mnlinkgateway.org/
• Electronic Library for Minnesota. http://www.elm4you.org/
• Minnesota Reflections http://reflections.mndigital.org/
• AskMN http://askmn.org/
• Research Project Calculator http://rpc.elm4you.org/

These online resources are funded through state and federal funds provided to Minitex and State Library Services (Minnesota's state library agency) and are available at no charge to Minnesotans. They are the products of your tax dollars at work!

For questions about MnKnows, contact Minitex Director, Bill DeJohn or Cecelia Boone in the Minitex office. (The MnKnows site includes a comment form for use by library users.)

If you'd like to order additional copies of the MnKnows bookmark, contact Cecelia Boone.

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