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2.0 Tools in 2.0 Minutes: Yahoo!Pipes

The most recent addition to our ongoing series, "2.0 Tools in 2.0 Minutes," is now live. It provides an introduction to Yahoo!Pipes, which may help lessen your information load. Yahoo!Pipes can monitor multiple online sources automatically and will just deliver content from those sources according to filters that you set up ahead of time. This filtering functionality is just one of the many possibilities of Yahoo!Pipes. Check out several pipes that we've created here: http://pipes.yahoo.com/mlee or try a keyword search of the Pipes site for "library" for more examples.

What 2.0 tool do you use on a daily or weekly basis? How does it help you manage information or do your job more efficiently? Drop a note to tell your story and we may use your submission as our next "2.0 Tools in 2.0 Minutes" video.


Yahoo Pipes is awesome! There are some many things you can do with it. I hope keep developing it and not lose sight of this division...

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