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September 24, 2009

Have You Tried Bing?

According to Nielsen, 10% of web searchers have. That doesn't sound notable, but in the world of search engines, cracking into the double digits in market share is quite a feat.

I haven't really given Bing a shot, or at least that was true up until I downloaded Internet Explorer 8. That version of IE integrates Bing a little more into the web experience. One nifty thing about that integration is the ability to search for a highlighted term. Just highlight something on any web page, as though you were going to copy and paste it into Google, and a little blue box appears. If you click it, you get the option of mapping the thing you just highlighted, translating it, or running a web search on it in Bing. Pretty slick, pretty intuitive, pretty surprising that isn't something that's been available for years.

With the large number of people using IE, Bing's chances of continued growth seem strong. Having a fallback from Google isn't a bad idea either, especially for those of us involved in web research. Have you tried Bing? My favorite thing about it is the results page preview pop-ups, which tell you more about a page before you click into it. Do you have a favorite thing about Bing?

September 11, 2009

August Issue of Reference Notes is on the Web

The *August* issue of Minitex Reference Notes has been published to the web http://minitex.umn.edu/publications/refnotes/

This month we celebrate the return of students (and librarians) to school with the following articles:

* It's Back to School!

* ELM Database Highlights: Back to School

* Downloadable Slide Presentation to Help Promote ELM to Teachers

...and we also celebrate ELM and the Fall conference season with these

* Spotlight on ELM - OAISter

* MEMO Conference

* Minitex Reference Fall Conference Calendar

Find this month's celebration in full, along with past celebrations, at http://minitex.umn.edu/publications/refnotes/.

Thanks for reading - and good luck this year!

September 10, 2009

50 Things the Internet Killed

The UK's Telegraph has a funny and unnervingly spot-on look at 50 things the Internet has done away with. In addition to

31) Privacy
35) Concentration
32) Chuck Norris's reputation
50) Your lunchbreak

...the library-minded among us might be interested to know that the following are now dead:

47) Footnotes
18) Authoritative reference works

Good to know. Thanks, Internet.