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Keeping Current with Technology: Things on a Stick News

It all started with 23 Things on a Stick. That self-paced online learning program, put on by the seven Minnesota Multitype Library Systems, walked participants through twenty three web-based 2.0 tools and websites. Each week a new tool was uncovered via individual exercises and small group discussions. It was so popular that the Multitypes developed a new program, More Things on a Stick. Both of these programs have been completed, but you can access archives and exercises indefinitely at each respective website.

So what's next? How can you continue to stay up to date on evolving technologies? By following the 2010 incarnation of Things on a Stick, Things on a Stick News. Every month, several new tools are considered and presented. The News has been streaming since January and continues to highlight relevant and engaging tools and technologies. Follow the blog or sign up to receive Things on a Stick News in your inbox once every month - you'll be the tech-savvier for it.

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