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Big Change to Student Resource Center Gold

What you need to know: Student Resource Center Gold has a new interface called Student Resources In Context.

What you need to do: Nothing. If you link to Student Resource Center Gold from your library website, the change has been automatically applied and you are now linking to Student Resources In Context. Your library users have seamless access to database content. You might consider familiarizing yourself with the interface, though. To do so, read on. [Note: The ELM portal also now points to the new interface.]

Student Resource Center Gold is now Student Resources In Context. Along with this name change comes a change to the look, feel, and navigation of this database interface. The new design centers on browsing to topic pages. Gale editors and hired experts have created some 450+ topic pages that provide introductions to popular topics and organize the reference, journal, magazine, and newspaper content included in the database around those topics. The intended effect is more web page and less library database.

Database content remains largely the same (though some duplicative content has been removed) and advanced searching is still available. In fact, a search assist feature added to search boxes should help guide researchers to effective keyword searching. The Read Speaker tool, which reads every article aloud and allows for downloading of .mp3 audio files, has also been enhanced to include adjustable speed and word highlighting settings. There are many more enhancements to the site, both small and large. Kick the tires to learn more, and/or sign up for the Minitex webinar "In Context (Student Resource Center Gold)" on our Upcoming Training Sessions page. The Gale/Cengage website also has some information about the "In Context" interface: http://www.gale.cengage.com/InContext/.

Still to come from Gale/Cengage in Student Resources In Context: a user log-in feature will allow students and researchers to create accounts and save material indefinitely. And a library administrative module will help libraries to customize the display of content for their users. Both features are scheduled to be released this fall.

If you have any questions about Student Resources In Context, or if your interface didn't automatically change, please drop us a line any time at http://elm4you.org/contact/ or elm at umn.edu.

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