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August Reference Notes

The August issue of Reference Notes is now available.

It's back to school time! The time of year that triggers butterflies in the stomachs of students everywhere and seems to trigger press release machines at database vendors as well. So we've got some very exciting updates about the ELM databases in this issue, as well as our own very exciting announcement about a new version of the Research Project Calculator. Plus, tips to make your ELM K-12 databases student friendlier. And if you need a back to school refresher on ELM, we've got a listing of conferences we'll be attending and an announcement about our new ELM instruction made to order.

Here's the TOC:

Reference Outreach & Instruction
The NEW Research Project Calculator Is Here!
The Kids Are (Probably Going to Be, at Least in Terms of the Internet,) Alright
ELM Spotlight(s)
ELM Webinars Made to Order
Making K12 Databases Student Friendlier
Library Publications on Facebook
Information-Seeking Behavior in the Big Lebowski
Minitex Reference Outreach and Instruction Fall Conferences and Instruction

Reference Notes

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