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March Reference Notes

The new issue of Reference Notes is now available.

This issue uncovers a plot by early spring to unseat fall as Conference Season. We report on the Library Technology Conference in St. Paul, the Computers in Libraries conference in Washington D.C., and the Electronic Resources and Libraries conference in Austin, TX.

We also report on the exciting number of MN librarians recently published in the professional literature. Check out the (admittedly inexhaustive) list in the "Announcements from the Field" article.

And if you've tried to wrap your head around the recent Google Books settlement, perhaps you'd compare your progress with our attempt. Let us know how we did!

With that, or with any of these articles:

Library Technology Conference 2011
Announcements from the Field
"Our History Is Our Strength"
ELM Spotlight
Conference Highlight Webinars
Computers in Libraries 2011: In Case You Weren't There
Google Books Settlement Rejected, Digital Public Library Proposed
WJMN Featured Courses
Geek the Library Correction
Spring Electronic Resources Trials

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