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August 23, 2012

August Reference Notes

The August issue of Reference Notes is now available.

This issue has news and information gathered at the recent ALA Annual conference in Anaheim. No single human librarian could possibly take in everything at ALA, so we harnessed the awesome power of collaboration to bring you reports from a number of contributors. We still might not have covered everything, but we got pretty close. Find out about: trends in e-reading and the role of libraries; demand-driven acquisition of ebooks at the consortium level; social justice in the digital age; succession planning and talent development; and many more topics. Read our brief summaries to spot broad trends in the profession and to find links to delve deeper on your own.

But this issue doesn't stop there. Read on to discover new tools: the ELM Learning Center, Guides to MN Reflections, Digitized Index Cards to Minneapolis Newspapers, and a little thing called Bundlenut. And all of that only gets you started on the full TOC:

  • ALA Annual 2012
  • ELM Spotlight
  • AskMN Fiscal Year 12 in Review
  • Digitized Index Cards to Minneapolis Newspapers
  • Minnesota Libraries and the Civil War
  • Minnesota Historical Society Returns Artifacts to Bois Forte
  • Bundlenut: Bundle the web. Share it.
  • CPERS Column
  • "Guides to MN Reflections" Continue to Expand
  • WebJunction MN
  • eLearning Summit 2012

Thanks for reading!