December 5, 2012

December Reference Notes

The December issue of Reference Notes is available.

In this issue, learn how adults discover information online and what adults think the Internet is doing to kids' attention spans. You may then be doubly inclined to learn of a new source for information literacy lesson plans. Or to consider the impact of embedding a chat widget within your databases to support your researchers when they need it most. You'll find info on both of those things here.

You'll also find a report on a STEM conference we recently attended and a save-the-date for another upcoming one we're excited about.

If you're interested in statistics, you'll find some on ELM searches (statewide), ELM instruction (by Minitex ROI), and AskMN. If you're looking for news, you'll find a story on the 3M Cloud Library at St. Paul Public and another on a new version of a Britannica database for K-12ers. If you're seeking answers, consider these questions: What would Walt do? (related: Who in the world is Walt??) What is the impact of an ice cream social? Find the answers you seek via WebJunction MN.

And seek out new questions in the full TOC:

  • ROI Exhibits at Annual STEM Summit
  • STEM Day Conference 2013
  • Sixth Annual Library Technology Conference
  • Library Journal Star Libraries
  • DIY History
  • ELM Spotlight
  • Ebooks Crash Course, Via the OECD
  • NISO and NISO/DCMI Series
  • Reaching Patrons Using an Embedded Chat Widget
  • AskMN FY12 Annual Report and FY13 Update
  • Contextualized Exploration and Discovery of Information Trumps Friends
  • Extending Our Spans of Attention
  • Lesson Plans for Online Researchers
  • 3M Cloud Library at St Paul Public Library
  • WebJunction MN Webinars
  • The MN Digital Library and the Digital Public Library of America
  • New Teacher Guides Available for Minnesota Reflections
  • What the iPad Mini Will Mean for Libraries

Thanks, as always, for reading.

And here's to you for another year of helping Minnesota students and researchers find exactly what they need via their libraries. Have a lovely holiday season and the best new year yet.

August 23, 2012

August Reference Notes

The August issue of Reference Notes is now available.

This issue has news and information gathered at the recent ALA Annual conference in Anaheim. No single human librarian could possibly take in everything at ALA, so we harnessed the awesome power of collaboration to bring you reports from a number of contributors. We still might not have covered everything, but we got pretty close. Find out about: trends in e-reading and the role of libraries; demand-driven acquisition of ebooks at the consortium level; social justice in the digital age; succession planning and talent development; and many more topics. Read our brief summaries to spot broad trends in the profession and to find links to delve deeper on your own.

But this issue doesn't stop there. Read on to discover new tools: the ELM Learning Center, Guides to MN Reflections, Digitized Index Cards to Minneapolis Newspapers, and a little thing called Bundlenut. And all of that only gets you started on the full TOC:

  • ALA Annual 2012
  • ELM Spotlight
  • AskMN Fiscal Year 12 in Review
  • Digitized Index Cards to Minneapolis Newspapers
  • Minnesota Libraries and the Civil War
  • Minnesota Historical Society Returns Artifacts to Bois Forte
  • Bundlenut: Bundle the web. Share it.
  • CPERS Column
  • "Guides to MN Reflections" Continue to Expand
  • WebJunction MN
  • eLearning Summit 2012

Thanks for reading!

July 10, 2012

July Reference Notes

The July issue of Reference Notes is now available.

And it is full of surprises. For example, new research indicates that students learn more from static web pages than video tutorials. Surprise! A library gains community support through the promise of book burning. Surprise! Most people don't know that libraries lend ebooks. Surprise! Meebo Messenger is shutting down. Surprise!

Well, after all of this surprise, you'll find it nice to read some calm, methodical stories as well. Check out the report from a Colorado library about their well-planned and well-executed embedded librarian reference program. See how ELM can give you some professional you-time this summer. And check out new WebJunction online courses.

  • Minitex, a Successful Experiment
  • Innovation in Instructional Software
  • Bookawocky: A Celebration of Summer Reading
  • Reverse Psychology Library Advocacy
  • Libraries, patrons, and e-books: Pew Research Study
  • Tech Tools - Storage & File Sharing
  • Grant Opportunity for Public Libraries
  • Google Buys Meebo: Meebo Messenger Shutting Down
  • Community Reference and Embedded Librarians
  • Some Professional You-Time
  • ELM on Facebook
  • MN Digital Library Annual Meeting
  • New MN Reflections Collection
  • WebJunction Minnesota Webinars: From Grant Writing to Telling Your Library's Story

Thanks for reading!

February 2, 2012

January Reference Notes

The January issue of Reference Notes is now available.

In this issue, you'll find newly-digitized MLK papers, productivity tools for educators, and a new Britannica timeline feature. We've also got updates on webinars, AskMN, and ELM for K-12 Academic Standards that we think you'll like to see. And we give recently retired Bill DeJohn a fond farewell.


A Fond Farewell to Bill DeJohn
Martin Luther King Jr. Papers Online
AskMN Welcomes Two Libraries in December
Recommendation Engines for Education
Minitex ROI Offers ELM Class to OLLI
ELM Spotlight
This 'n That from the Web
CPERS Column
Minnesota Digital Library
WebJunction MN

Thanks for reading!

December 20, 2011

November/December Reference Notes

The November/December combined issue of Reference Notes is now available.

In this issue, we give hosted tours of some Minitex employees' home libraries, we share insights on Facebook for libraries from folks who've done it right, and we investigate how K-12 students use chat reference. And much more, as detailed by the TOC:

Minitex Staff Home Libraries
Facebook for Libraries
Social Media at the Library
Libraries Build the Book Market
Rochester Public Library Takes Part in Black Friday
Minnesota All Stars
OCLC Receives Added $ for Geek the Library Campaign
This 'n That from the Web
Google Forms and Scripts
AskMN and K12 Students
ELM Spotlight
CPERS Column
Holiday Reflections from MN Reflections
WJMN Webinars

From all of us at Minitex and the Reference Outreach and Instruction unit, here's wishing you a wonderful holiday season and the best new year yet.

November 2, 2011

October Reference Notes

The October issue of Reference Notes is now available.

If you're interested in hearing about some of the great sessions from the 2011 MLA Conference, read on. If you see the word "bibliometrics" and suspect that you should know more, read on. If you'd like to learn about discounted pricing on library resources from Minitex CPERS, read on. And if you missed MC Hammer's recent announcement, then by all means read on as well.

Read on:

MLA Annual Conference Recap
Four Ereaders, Four Librarians, One Good Reminder
Citation Tracking and Bibliometrics
AskMN Welcomes Two New Libraries
ELM Spotlight
The CPERS Column
This 'n That from the Web
Library Technology Conference 2012, Call for Proposals
WebJunction MN
MN Digital Library

Thanks for reading Reference Notes!

October 7, 2011

September Reference Notes

The September issue of Reference Notes is now available.

In this issue, you'll hear news from Minitex: News that may make you sad, news that may make you feel like celebrating with us, and news that may inspire you to chat. You'll find news from Minnesota librarians, too: a guest article on the library as more than books, a note of congratulations on good work done, and a pointer to a great study on college students' leisure reading habits. You'll also find an article on an interesting new tool from Google that applies massive scale data analysis to human cultural studies. Plus some fun tools for aggregating and sharing information in This 'n That from the Web.

Get it all:

Bill DeJohn Retires

Minitex Celebrates 40 Years

AskMN FY11 Report

MN Library Certification Takes Off Again!

Library So Much More than Books


Reading for Pleasure at Gustavus Adolphus

Congratulations to Peter Bremer

ELM Spotlight

This 'n That from the Web

A Revolutionary Source for History Day

MN Digital Library

Presentations from ALA Annual 2011

Upcoming WebJunction Webinars Open to All

Minitex Fall Trials for Electronic Resources

The Toughest Reference Question Ever?

September 9, 2011

August Reference Notes

The August issue of Reference Notes is now available.

In this issue we extend heartfelt congratulations to three great Minnesota library leaders on their retirements and to one excellent media specialist in particular on her work with History Day. We also announce some of the all-new webinars we have scheduled for the fall. Don't miss these - we've got some great ones this year. We talk about our work with a group of learners in a program called OLLI. And we share some statistics on the ELM instruction we did in FY11. Hazard a guess as to how many people attended ELM instructional sessions last year and then see how close you came on the last page of the newsletter.


When Libraries Collaborate
MNopedia: The Minnesota Encyclopedia
Minnesota History Day Media Specialist of the Year Award
ROI Congratulates Minnesota Library Leaders on Their Retirement
ELM Spotlight
Making ELM Access Easy
ROI Fall Semester ELM Webinars
This 'n That From the Web
Instruction for All
Minnesota History Documents in Minnesota Reflections
Enhancements Added to WebJunction Minnesota
Reference Outreach and Instruction Accomplishments in FY11

Thanks for reading Reference Notes!

July 14, 2011

June Reference Notes

The new issue of Reference Notes is now available.

In this issue, covering June 2011, we announce the redesigned ELM portal and provide information on migrating to ProQuest's new platform. We also have dispatches from New Orleans and the 2011 ALA Annual Conference. We have a couple of notes about some great things we've heard about coming out of Minnesota libraries. Plus, something called SnackTools. Could it have something to do with food? You know you're curious. Finally, this issue of Reference Notes announces the discontinuation of Minitex's reference referral program - a program that has served Minnesota libraries well for 38 years.

Here's the full TOC:

Success @ Grand Rapids Public Library
Women's History in Legislative History Timeline
ALA Annual 2011: New Orleans
ELM Spotlight
A New & Improved ELM Portal Is Here!
ELM Spotlight Webinar Series
If You're Ready, ProQuest Is Ready
Minitex ROI at Upcoming Conferences
Minitex Discontinues Backup Reference
Augsburg College-Lindell Library Joins AskMN and Other Updates
WebJunction Events

June 22, 2011

May Reference Notes

The new online-only issue of Reference Notes is now available. (Apologies for the delay getting it up on the blog.)

In this issue we share write-ups of great sessions from the 2011 ARLD Day conference; you can use them to learn what projects, programs, and services your colleagues from across the state are working on. We report on a review of studies on the value of media specialists in schools; you can use this to support your school library. And we offer a teaser on a new tool that ties ELM content to K12 academic standards; you can use this as something to think about over the summer.

You can use these articles for all sorts of other things:

ARLD Day 2011 Recap
MCTC Libr@ry's Website: A Portal to Research Success!
MN Learning Commons: For 21st Century Learning
Seamless Library Instruction for E-Learning
QR Codes in Libraries: Beyond Signage
Launching a Mobile App
Avoiding the Dangers of Personalization
ELM Spotlight
AskMN: The Librarian Is In!
WebJunction MN Featured Courses
Digital Delights: June is Bustin' out all Over!
Federal Government Zeroes Out School Library Funding
School Library Impact Studies
Share Your Thoughts on Minnesota Libraries in 2025

Remember, if you're seeing this you're in "the know" about Reference Notes' recent move to online-only publication. Please consider your professional network and encourage folks who might be interested to sign up to receive Reference Notes via listserv or blog.

May 16, 2011

April Reference Notes, Now Exclusively Online!

(apologies - neglected to post this to the blog last week)

The new issue of Reference Notes is now available and it marks a new turn in our newsletter's history. From here on out, Ref Notes will only be available online. We're pretty sure the Internet's here to stay.

Please help us spread the word about this change by forwarding this month's issue to those in your organization or network who may typically only see it in print. Folks can sign up to receive it directly via the mtx-ref listserv and can also get it by following this blog.

In this month's issue, we demystify patent research, turn a discerning eye to cloud computing, and consider the concept of "good enough" in student research. We also recap the ACRL conference in Philly and highlight how ELM can help ESL students (which we presented at an ESL conference in Minneapolis). Plus, we share a great note from a reader on library activities and Women's History Month!


Patent Research: The Basics
Trust in the Cloud
Beyond Good Enough
National Poetry Month 2011!
A Poem for Poetry Month
ACRL 2011
ESL, Bilingual & Migrant Education Conference
OCLC's Global Library Statistics
ELM Spotlight
WebJunction Featured Courses
AskMN and Text a Librarian Mobile Option
What Will Your Library Be Like in 2025?
Women's History Month at MCTC

Thanks, as always, for reading. And thanks especially this time for helping us make the transition to online only.

April 14, 2011

March Reference Notes

The new issue of Reference Notes is now available.

This issue uncovers a plot by early spring to unseat fall as Conference Season. We report on the Library Technology Conference in St. Paul, the Computers in Libraries conference in Washington D.C., and the Electronic Resources and Libraries conference in Austin, TX.

We also report on the exciting number of MN librarians recently published in the professional literature. Check out the (admittedly inexhaustive) list in the "Announcements from the Field" article.

And if you've tried to wrap your head around the recent Google Books settlement, perhaps you'd compare your progress with our attempt. Let us know how we did!

With that, or with any of these articles:

Library Technology Conference 2011
Announcements from the Field
"Our History Is Our Strength"
ELM Spotlight
Conference Highlight Webinars
Computers in Libraries 2011: In Case You Weren't There
Google Books Settlement Rejected, Digital Public Library Proposed
WJMN Featured Courses
Geek the Library Correction
Spring Electronic Resources Trials

March 8, 2011

February Reference Notes

The February issue of Reference Notes is now available.

This month, love lingers in the air. We share some of the lovely ELM stories we've gathered over the last few months, highlight some library love YouTube videos, and provide recommendations for romance readers' advisory. We also allude to upcoming changes on the ELM portal, look at the newest technology making waves in the classroom, and recap a large library PR campaign.


ELM Love Stories
YouTube Videos Expressing Library Love
Romance Top Five of Five
Students LOVE Snooki, and Therefore, Library Research
Minnesota Digital Library
ELM Portal: Upcoming Changes
Gale PowerSearch Enhancements
Digital Devices Making Their Way into the Classroom
Top 10 Apps for Education
Geek the Library Campaign: Was it Successful?
Tonka Pride
AskMN FY10 Report
WebJunction MN
Black History Month: Collection Development

February 4, 2011

January Reference Notes

The January 2011 issue of Reference Notes is now available.

If you find yourself with a lack of bookmarks, this issue is for you; it highlights some of our new bookmarks (and brochures) and shows you how to order them in quantity for your library. If you found yourself unable to attend ALA Midwinter, this issue is for you, too; it reports on several notable sessions and announcements from the conference. And if you've ever wondered about using Twitter professionally, this issue is for you as well; we've got a special report on professional social media tactics and usage.

Plus, we'd like to share a little about our experiences with History Day and how libraries are good for the United States.

Read On:

Recap of ALA Midwinter 2011

The Natural Progression away from Google

History Day @ Your School

History Day Throughout the Metro Area

Libraries and Country

Saint Paul Public Library Adds Free Song Downloads

St. Kate's Gets Accreditation!

Social Networking Tools for Professionals

ELM Spotlight

Bookmarks and Brochures Hot off the Press

Research Project Calculator

Minnesota Digital Library


AskMN: The Librarian is In!

OCLC Research YouTube Channel

Full-text Internet Resources: Focus on Minnesota Maps

December 22, 2010

December Reference Notes, thanks to YOU

As we take a moment to review 2010, our prevailing feeling is thankfulness. As instructors, we're thankful for our curious and devoted colleagues across the region. As library professionals, we're thankful to work in a state where library service from all sectors is innovative and collaborative. And as newsletter-makers, we're thankful you take time out of your busy day to read Reference Notes.

From all of us in Minitex Reference Outreach & Instruction, best wishes for a happy holiday season and a joyful new year!

On to business: The December issue of Reference Notes is now available.

This month's issue unveils the new ELM logo, explores QR codes (which are "ready to hit the U.S. mainstream"), and looks ahead to 2011 with some important consumer trends to anticipate in the upcoming year.


Trends to Watch in 2011
The First Step Is the Hardest
QR Codes to Reach Mobile Patrons
School Librarians in the News
AskMN Update
Walden University Enters 6 Millionth Question into QuestionPoint
New Look to ELM Logo!
'Tis the Season with ELM
Finding Multimedia in ELM
Scribe 3.5
Think Green, Think "Deep Web" Government Resources
Professional Development Opportunities
2011 NISO Webinars and Open Teleconferences
Minnesota Digital Library
Highlighted WebJunction Online Courses

November 22, 2010

October Reference Notes

The October issue of Reference Notes is now available.

With snow on the ground and more winter weather on the way, perhaps you'll enjoy this look back at October. If nostalgia for warmth lost isn't enough to entice you into the pages of Reference Notes, we venture to hope that our table of contents is.


Briggs Library Beyond Shushing
Some Applications of Data Visualization Tools in Librarianship
Ssshing the Stereotype
Instruction & School-Library Partnerships
Minnesota's Star Libraries
Hamline University Joins AskMN: The Librarian Is In!
ELM Spotlight
Education Minnesota Annual Conference
Minnesota Library Futures Initiative
Professional Development Opportunities from Minitex
Fall 2010 Electronic Resources Trials
Ramsey County Library
Update From the Minnesota Digital Library on Minnesota Reflections

October 20, 2010

September Reference Notes

The September issue of Reference Notes is now available.

In the spirit of the balmy temperatures we've enjoyed deep into October comes the September issue of Reference Notes. It may be a little late, but just like the temp outside, it's well above average. This issue answers the unanswerable, highlights resources to support students working on History Day projects, investigates a special feature of the Britannica databases, and reflects on banned books and intellectual freedom. See: above average, right?


Answering the Unanswerable: Librarians to the Rescue
History Day Resources
EBSCO and European Americana Database
Britannica's Featured Spotlight Series: Hispanic Heritage Month
Search Minnesota Reflections Collections in WorldCat
Google Instant
Death to RSS Feed Readers - Long Live RSS Feeds!
Reference Renaissance 2010
How To Be Suspicious of Studies
UM Morris Banned Books Event Celebrates Freedom to Read
Metropolitan State University's Intellectual Freedom Panel Discussion

September 14, 2010

(Articulating) the Value of (Academic) Libraries

An Inside Higher Ed article called "The Value of Libraries" points to an ACRL study written by the prolific Megan Oakleaf of Syracuse University. The paper pulls from library literature and beyond to help provide language to college libraries looking to articulate their value to the campus in times of financial scrutiny. As both the paper and the Inside Higher Ed write-up are careful to note, college libraries are already valuable, but may not be "armed with the data and vocabulary to articulate their value." (thanks to Todd Digby for the link)

September 3, 2010

August Reference Notes

The August issue of Reference Notes is now available.

It's back to school time! The time of year that triggers butterflies in the stomachs of students everywhere and seems to trigger press release machines at database vendors as well. So we've got some very exciting updates about the ELM databases in this issue, as well as our own very exciting announcement about a new version of the Research Project Calculator. Plus, tips to make your ELM K-12 databases student friendlier. And if you need a back to school refresher on ELM, we've got a listing of conferences we'll be attending and an announcement about our new ELM instruction made to order.

Here's the TOC:

Reference Outreach & Instruction
The NEW Research Project Calculator Is Here!
The Kids Are (Probably Going to Be, at Least in Terms of the Internet,) Alright
ELM Spotlight(s)
ELM Webinars Made to Order
Making K12 Databases Student Friendlier
Library Publications on Facebook
Information-Seeking Behavior in the Big Lebowski
Minitex Reference Outreach and Instruction Fall Conferences and Instruction

Reference Notes

August 9, 2010

July Reference Notes

The July issue of Reference Notes is now available.

This month's issue provides a recap of the 2010 ALA Annual Conference, does a bit of gentle boasting about our department's accomplishments over the past year, and provides an easy-to-use recipe for following, analyzing, and implementing trends in your library - all before taking a Tourettes-like turn with decrees to Eat Your Books! And Smell Like a Man!

Plus, all the other great articles represented in the TOC:

Less Train, More Gain: Using Technology to Train, Maintain, and Retain Part-time and Student Employees
Librarians Just Need to Have Fun: Utilizing Fun and Humor in the Library Workplace to Enhance Employee Performance
The Open Access Debate: A Conversation
It's All About e-Books
E-Resource Usage Statistics: So Many Numbers, So Many Issues
Discovery Systems: Solutions a User Could Love?
Hennepin County Library Now Offering Downloadable E-books
Keeping Current with Technology: Things on a Stick News
Minitex Reference Services Instruction: A Year in Review
ELM Spotlight: MAS Ultra--School Edition and InfoTrac Student Edition
Eat Your Books
Smell Like a Man, Study Like a Scholar
Follow that Trend!
Baiting the Hook

July 15, 2010

June Reference Notes

The June 2010 issue of References Notes is now online.

This month's issue envisions the vitalizing possibilities of a library accessible via mobile phone and the harrowing repercussions of a nation without school librarians; it compares popular search engines for quick and dirty answers and highlights an ELM database for quick and authoritative health info; and it recaps the MN Digital Library's annual meeting, provides facts on Facebook, and profiles an excellent MN politics reference source.

Here's the TOC:

A Nation Without School Librarians
Libraries and Mobile Devices
ELM Spotlight: Consumer Health Complete
Search Engines Revisited
Facebook Facts You Didn't Know
Minnesota's Veto History Available Online
MN Digital Library Annual Meeting
End of My Health Minnesota -> Go Local

June 11, 2010

May Reference Notes

The May 2010 issue of Reference Notes is now available.

By spending 10 minutes of your day with us, you'll learn more about summer read programs, developing your library's DIY collection, helping job seekers, spotting technology trends and applying them to the library world, and lots more. Or you could watch that Lady Gaga library spoof video for the 14th and 15th time. (If this is the first you've heard of that video, 1. You don't spend enough time on the Internet, and 2. Check out the "This 'n That from the Web" section in this issue for the link.)

Here's the full TOC:

What Every Job Seeker (and Librarian) Should Know

Top Ten Emerging Technologies for 2010

Internet Archive to Digitize One Million Books for Visually Impaired

This 'n That from the Web

ELM Radio Spots

ELM Spotlight: Britannica Online Reference Center

DIY: Collection Development Tips

Summer Read Programs: Make a Splash @ Your Library

Give Your Library a Technology Make Over - It's Easy!

LOEX: I Only Know the 'X' Stands for Excellent

May 18, 2010

April Reference Notes

The April 2010 issue of Reference Notes is now available.

In this issue, you'll find published evidence of how libraries help people, examples of adaptive technologies already built into the computers at your library, news about a prominent MN librarian and new Fulbright Scholar Grant recipient, and insight into two ELM education-focused databases.

We've also included a pull-out insert that we hope you'll share with your colleagues. It details our reference referral service and the instructional opportunities we provide.

Here's the full TOC:

Minitex Reference Insert
Libraries Help People Succeed
Scrolling on the Web
Mary Wagner Awarded Fulbright Scholar Grant
Adaptive Technology Services
ELM Spotlight: Educator's Reference Complete and Professional Development Collection
New ELM Tutorials
Modern Web Browser Security: Best Practices
Reference Renaissance 2010
MN Digital Library Annual Meeting

April 8, 2010

March Reference Notes

The brand-new issue of Reference Notes is now available on our brand-new website!

In the March issue, we unveil several new pages on the AskMN website, hear feedback from a librarian using AskMN, spotlight the EBSCO HealthSource databases, provide strategies and resources to tackle even the toughest readers' advisory question, and take a break from text with several library-related cartoons, like this one.

Here's the March Reference Notes TOC:

Readers' Advisory: A Practice
AskMN Updates
AskMN - A Librarian's Answer in Real Time
Library Technology Conference 2010
ELM Spotlight: Health Source
EBSCO Purchases Netlibrary
ELM Vendors Offer Webinars
Multilingual Minnesota
Note Taking in Today's World
Mobile Funnies
New Policy to Get Broadband up to Speed?
WebJunction Minnesota: New Group and New Courses

Thanks for reading!

New Minitex Website

Hey, check out Minitex's new website, if you haven't already. It's the result of a lot of planning and some great work by our IT department. It reorganizes our content around functions and user tasks, rather than Minitex department names. From any page within the site, access our products & services, trainings & events, and communication pieces by hovering over the appropriate heading along the top banner.

The Browse All Training Sessions page is a go-to site to find upcoming in-person or online instructional sessions, as well as archived webinars and tutorials from any Minitex department.

The Reference Services home page organizes the services we offer in the menu along the left. The home page also provides more information about us front and center - including our upcoming webinars and recent Reference Notes publications. A new feature on the Reference Services page is the Instruction Request Form. If you have a group of colleagues, teachers, or students that would benefit from learning more about ELM or any of the other reference-related instruction we offer, use this form to request a no-cost online or in-person session from us.

March 9, 2010

February Reference Notes

The February issue of Reference Notes is now available online.

Articles in this month's issue investigate the migration of textbooks to electronic format, a divisive study related to the effectiveness of teaching to different learning styles, and a socially-acceptable library-related shanty, along with much more.

  • Libraries, Trust, and Diversity of Information
  • Technology in the Classroom: Migrating to e-Textbooks
  • Cognitive Psychologists Test the Validity of Learning Styles
  • Real Learning for the Real World
  • ELM Spotlight: CAMIO®
  • ELM Training
  • Online Resources to Add to Your Toolbox
  • Twitter and Blogging is for Old People
  • TED: Ideas of Things to Come
  • Library Shanty
  • Announcements from the Field
  • Tutorials and Archived Webinars

Thanks for reading!

January 7, 2010

December Reference Notes

The December issue of Minitex Reference Notes is now online.

Peruse it at your leisure for the following articles:

  • Top 10 Information Management Predictions for 2010
  • Seven MN Libraries Make LJ's 'Star Libraries' List
  • With Crisis Comes Innovation?
  • Emerging Tech Expo - U Libraries
  • Emerging Leaders
  • The Future of Reading
  • Collection Development Tips
  • Marketing the Academic Library with Fun, Games, and Technology
  • Are Kids' Brains Different Than Ours?
  • Templates for Media Center Promotion
  • Computers in Libraries Conference 2010 - Discounted Group Registration
  • Library Technology Conference 2010
  • 160 Top Contenders for History Day
  • ELM Spotlight
  • AskMN: The Librarian Is In!
  • WebJunction Minnesota: Some Facts & Figures

And here's a wish from Minitex Reference for a tremendous 2010: Happy New Year!

December 14, 2009

November Reference Notes

After receiving a complete makeover, the new issue of Reference Notes is now available. Check out the newsletter's new look, which makes the following articles ever the more enjoyable:

  • ELM Workshops for Students and Pre-Service Teachers
  • Hands-on in Thief River Falls
  • A Southwest Minnesota Training Trip
  • Kitchigami Regional Library System
  • Annual MinneTESOL Conference
  • No New News: The Library Job Market Is Rugged
  • Google Wave (Guest column by LeAnn Suchy, Metronet; Rudy Leon, University of Illinois Champaign Urbana; and Rita Baladad, Minitex)
  • ELM Spotlight: ArchiveGrid and EBSCOhost Mobile
  • You No Longer Have a Choice (Guest column by Mary Mehsikomer, Network Coordinator with NWLINKS)
  • Mobile Phones Decrease Social Isolation, Increase Library Usage?
  • Research Project Calculator Update (Guest column by Michael Berkowski, Minitex Information Technology)
  • Trend Watching from the Reference Desk
  • Professional Development Opportunities

Sure, this November issue might be a little delayed in coming, but the new design ensures its appearance on the web is not simply late, but instead *fashionably* late.

November 10, 2009

October Reference Notes on Web!

The *October* issue of Minitex Reference Notes has been published to the web

This month we feature the following articles:
*National Information Literacy Awareness Month and National Day of Writing

*ELM Spotlights including Points of View Reference Center & Gale PowerSearch 2.0

*2009/2010 Teleconference Schedule

*WebJunction Minnesota Courses

*Minnesota Library Association Annual Conference Write-Ups

*E-book and E-resource Licensing from NISO

October 7, 2009

September Issue of Reference Notes Available!

The *September* issue of Minitex Reference Notes has been published to the web

This month we feature the following articles:

* ELM and OCLC: More Connections for You

* Curb-Side Service

* Doing it with Drupal

* Bing

...and several other timely and relevant articles!

September 11, 2009

August Issue of Reference Notes is on the Web

The *August* issue of Minitex Reference Notes has been published to the web

This month we celebrate the return of students (and librarians) to school with the following articles:

* It's Back to School!

* ELM Database Highlights: Back to School

* Downloadable Slide Presentation to Help Promote ELM to Teachers

...and we also celebrate ELM and the Fall conference season with these

* Spotlight on ELM - OAISter

* MEMO Conference

* Minitex Reference Fall Conference Calendar

Find this month's celebration in full, along with past celebrations, at

Thanks for reading - and good luck this year!

August 11, 2009

July Issue of Reference Notes is on the Web

Where has the summer gone? July zipped by, but not before we could capture some of the happenings from it for our monthly Reference Notes newsletter. You'll find our highlights from the ALA Annual Conference, including the following stories:

- More Effective Online Tutorials
- Who Cares About Privacy?
- Social Learning & Political Engagement
- OCLC Symposium - Leadership Beyond the Recession
- Using Twitter to Enhance a Digital Reference Cooperative Service, and
- K-16 Information Literacy and MN Librarians at ALA


- New ELM Databases!
- Consumer Health Information on the Internet
- Metronet Information Literacy Conference
- Multimedia Resources, and
- Upcoming ELM Webinars

Check out our Reference Notes page for this and past issues of the newsletter.

July 16, 2009

June Issue of Reference Notes is on the Web!

And actually has been for quite some time. Sorry! Forgot to post it here before heading to the ALA annual conference.

In the June issue of Reference Notes, you'll find:

- A new catalog option from OCLC
- An update on new AskMN member libraries
- A note about a former Minnesota librarian turned ASCLA RUSA executive director
- An innovative tool to pre-limit catalog searches
- Examples of information literacy and college readiness programs across the P-20 spectrum
- Guidance in creating DIY maps
- Yahoo!Pipes in 2.0 minutes
- A re-cap of the MN Digital Library annual meeting
- A call for applications for digitization projects through the MN Digital Library
- A story about new literacy skills and the Scratch software
- A recorded conversation between five MN library directors about dealing with budget shortfalls, and...
- A model for successful customer service from online shoe retailer Zappos.

Find the June issue, along with past issues, at:

June 5, 2009

May Issue of Reference Notes is on the Web!

The May issue of MINITEX Reference Notes is up on the web and ready for viewing!

This month's stories include:

- Guiding as a Reference Tool
- Update on RFP for Statewide Electronic Resources
- Minnesota Reflections Update
- Reference in the Electronic Age
- Civility in the Workplace... Civility Everywhere
- Researching Undergrads
- Collaborations and Partnerships
- Library Journal's Best Sources of 2008
- Libraryman Makes the List!
- AskMN is now on WebJunction Minnesota!
- Promoting "Promoting Your Media Center to Teachers"
- Genealogy E-Resources
- The Semantic Web
- Newly Recorded Webinars
- And more!

Also, see our Special Announcement: New Statewide Electronic Resources!

Find the May issue and past issues here:

April 28, 2009

April Issue of Reference Notes is on the Web!

The April issue of Minitex Reference Notes is up on the web and available for viewing. The April issue highlights the Spring 2009 MnPALS Reference User Group Work Day, Homeschoolers Unite at RiverCentre, Promoting Minnesota Media Centers, April is National Poetry Month! Full-Text Poems in ELM: Discovering Collection, and a Web Site Recommendation - The issue can be read at

April 8, 2009

March Issue of Reference Notes is on the Web!

The March issue of Minitex Reference Notes is up on the web and ready for viewing!

This month's stories include:

- A Minitex name change and new site
- A profile of Ada Comstock - Educator and Transformer
- A recap of the Library Technology Conference at Macalester College, including Information Commons, Eric Lease Morgan, Library 2.0 and Google Apps, E-Resource Management, What Everything Has to Do with Everything, Library Technology Programs for Baby Boomers and Beyond, and Learning for Digital Natives
- A one-year birthday celebration for AskMN
- Replies from you regarding last issue's "Dogs Who Like a Good Story"
- 2.0 Tools in 2.0 Minutes
- ALA and Woman's Day
- Small Towns with Big Library Programs
- Teleconferences
- Minnesota Librarians Among Library Journal 'Movers and Shakers'

Find the March issue and past issues here:

March 6, 2009

PEW Internet Report: Generations Online in 2009

If you haevn't seen the Pew Report from February, Generations Online in 2009, it is a must-read for all library staff.  The report discusses how different generations use the Internet for different reasons and it might even kill some of the stereotypes and assumptions that we have about online users.  "Teens and Generation Y find entertainment and social networks online" and "older generations use the internet as a tool for research, shopping and banking."  The report features a great chart and graph that highlights Generational Differences in Online Activities.  Be sure to check this out!

January 5, 2009

November/December Issue of Reference Notes

MINITEX Reference Services invites you to read and enjoy this special, November/December double issue of Reference Notes. It's now available on the MINITEX website and ready for viewing! This issue includes:

Education Minnesota 2008; EBSCO Updates; History Day @ Your Library; Reversing the Rachet - Soaring to Excellence Teleconference; Upcoming Webinars; Conference Wrap-Up; From Awareness to Funding: A Study of Library Support in America--October 30, 2008; World Internet Project Report 2009; Sandra Nelson's Eight Keys to an Effective Library; Libraries Covered in NBC Nightly News; RMJ - Rural Minnesota Journal; New Discoverability Tools Minnesota Historical Aerial Photographs Online (MHAPO) and MapHappy; SPECIAL FOCUS: Information Literacy & the Library; and more!

To link to this issue or past issues go to:

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November 4, 2008

October Issue of Reference Notes Available!

The October issue of MINITEX Reference Notes is up on the web and ready for viewing!  This month’s issue includes information on AskMN—Minnesota's Statewide Cooperative Virtual Reference Service; MEMO Conference 2008: Leading 21st Century Learners; Archived Webinars; Whirlwind Trip in the Southwest; Teaching the Next Generation of Teachers; Farewell, Kristen!


To link to the current or past issues go to .

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October 13, 2008

September Reference Notes

The September issue of MINITEX Reference Notes is up on the web and ready for viewing!  This month’s issue includes information on MILI and ELM: Working Together to Enhance the Research Process, Latino Heritage Month, On the Road with MINITEX; New Resources, WebJunction Minnesota –,’s Kindle, Hot Off the Press, My Health Minnesota -> Go Local Celebrates Birthday, Moved & Improved!, 2008-09 Teleconference Season, and more!  
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September 5, 2008

The Desk and Beyond: Next Generation Reference Services

ACRL Podcast: The Desk and Beyond

In this podcast, College & Research Libraries News editor-in-chief David Free talks with Sarah Steiner and Leslie Madden of Georgia State University, editors of the ACRL publication The Desk and Beyond: Next Generation Reference Services. They are joined by chapter authors Meredith Farkas of Norwich University, Ross LaBaugh of California State University - Fresno, and Jerilyn Veldoff of the University of Minnesota to discuss the book along with current and future trends in reference services.    To listen, visit: 

- From ACRL Insider

September 4, 2008

ELM in the Star Tribune

From the blog Technobabble, by Randy Salas, for the Star Tribune. 

“When I wrote about websites to help kids with their homework, I overlooked perhaps one of the best options. And, as reader Leslie Yoder points out, it’s a free resource created especially for Minnesotans.   



The simply named Electronic Library for Minnesotanewspaper articles, eBooks and other information to help anyone with research.” (ELM) offers a huge electronic cache of databases, magazine and

To read the full entry, visit:


Evolution to Revolution to chaos? Reference in transition

Another excellent reading appeared in our RSS readers this week about the future of reference by Steven Abram, in Info Today, "Evolution to Revolution to chaos? Reference in transition." Some of the 12 scenarios for the future of reference include: information commons, embedded librarians, partners in action, and emergency reference. View the article, at:  

August 6, 2008

Will Google search favor Google content

Arnoldy, Ben. Will Google search favor Google content? The search giant’s new online encyclopedia raises concerns about conflict of interest. Christian Science Monitor, August 6, 2008.


An excerpt:


"'This is a step too far,' says Danny Sullivan, editor in chief of Search Engine Land. 'Google’s job started out being a service that points people to other information, and that remains their primary job – not to be providing the information themselves.'...'They really didn’t need to do Knol,' says Sullivan. 'What you really want sometimes is for Google to say no to itself.'"

July 31, 2008

July Reference Notes

The extended JulyEBSCOhost 2.0 – It’s Here!, ELM and RPC are now on Facebook!, LITA (Library Information and Technology Association) Top Technology Trends at ALA, New Archived Webinar Announced: Podcasting Update, An Interview with Sue Colten, A New Day is Coming, LOEX 2008 and more!   issue of MINITEX Reference Notes is up on the web and ready for viewing!  This month’s issue includes information on the
To link to the current or past issues go to .
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July 9, 2008

Core Collection: Electronic Readers'-Advisory Tools

As readers’ advisory has grown, so has the number of resources providing advice to the advisors. While many of them, such as the landmark Genreflecting (first published in 1982), serve as practical tools for librarians who are helping patrons find something to read, others concentrate more on theory and method. Libraries that provide RA services need to have both kinds of guides on hand. For this core collection, we’ve included two must-have classics, plus a representative selection of other current titles, several of which focus on a major genre or a specific audience. For electronic RA resources, see Jessica Moyer’s “Core Collection: Electronic Readers’-Advisory Tools.” >>read more


-From Booklist Online, July 9, 2008 by Mary Ellen Quinn


July 2, 2008

Yahoo Answers

An interesting article on June 29, 2008, The Oracle Collective, in the NYT about Yahoo Answers. 

"In fact, people ask the Web all kinds of crazy things, including “Does he love me?” (Mamay: “He’s 13, he doesn’t know what love is.”) Look over your own Google search history, if you can bear it. Embarrassment does not inhibit us, as it must have inhibited callers to the public library. "

June 28, 2008

June Reference Notes

The June issue of MINITEX Reference Notes is up on the web and ready for viewing!  This month’s issue includes information on the Midwest Library Technology Conference, 2008 Minnesota E-Learning Summit, Who knew? [We Did!] Mn/DOT Library is little-known gem, Site Visit Google Map, EBSCOhost 2.0 Arriving in a Month, Stock Up for Summer on Cool Tool Promotional Materials, ELM Portal Change and more!  
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June 17, 2008

Algorithms are Out the Human Touch is In

Wired magazine in the April 2008 issue had an interesting article about the tech business, “Upside of the Downturn.” Thing 9 discussed how the human touch is still needed, if not necessary, to understand and location information that now exists. The article discusses such ventures as Squidoo and Mahalo. Though, there is no mention of libraries or information professionals, it is easy to substitute the names when you read the word curators. 

June 13, 2008

MINITEX Library is featured on MinnPost

MinnPost recently wrote a wonderful article about the “secret-gem” Mn/DOT Library. The library, founded in 1957, contains a wealth of over 50,500 items, and answers over 4,500 questions a year. Immediately following the collapse of the 35W Bridge, the library staff sprang to action providing an archive of information online regarding the bridge. This was not the first time the library was involved in a historical event. In 2001, the Library received a call from the Office of the President. (To know what the call was regarding, you will have to read the article.)  Hopefully, many readers and potential patrons will make the trip to visit the “Temple of Transportation,” and other wonderful collections held by MINITEX libraries this summer. 

June 10, 2008

Is Google Making Us Stupid?

Is Google Making Us Stupid? by Nicholas Carr. Atlantic July/August 2008:56-63 
At the risk of giving away the answer, here is one sentence from the article:
“Most of the proprietors of the commercial Internet have a financial stake in collecting
the crumbs of data we leave behind as we flit from link to link—the more crumbs,
the better. The last thing these companies want is to encourage leisurely reading

or slow, concentrated thought. It’s in their economic interest to drive us to distraction.”


- Posted to the ili-l listserv by David Kent, Instruction Librarian, Peninsula College 06/10/08


May 28, 2008

PLA in LJ News

The latest issue of Library Journal, May 1, 2008, contains an excellent summary of highlights from PLA. Though, many of library staff from the MINITEX region were able to attend due to Minneapolis hosting the conference, if you were at all like me, there were two or more sessions during one timeslot I wanted to attend, so reading others’ thoughts from panels I couldn’t make it to I find extremely valuable.    For example, I did not make it to Jack Polings’ discussion of how one of the 356 empty Wal-Mart stores in Texas was converted into a public library. He brought up the benefits such as amply parking, site space and cost-effective, however he also stated that patrons should not have to walk one-tenth of a mile to obtain services, so they set up mobile service desks.  To read more LJ highlights from the conference, visit:

May 19, 2008

The Internet and Consumer Choice

The latest pew Internet report just came out, " The Internet and consumer choice."  Highlights include:

  • 58 percent say the information they got online helped introduce them to their new community and 57 percent say it reduced the number of places they looked at.

  • 49 percent of cell phone buyers who used the Internet in their research say an online source mattered most compared to 46 percent who said something found offline made the most difference.

  • 58 percent say the information they got online helped introduce them to their new community and 57 percent say it reduced the number of places they looked at.

May 15, 2008

Scholarly Article about ELM Coverage

Meghan Lafferty, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Librarian, at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities wrote and intriguing article about smaller academic institutions and companies that often cannot afford the big-time chemistry databases, and how ELM assists in filling that void.  You can read her article "Does Chemistry Content in a State Electronic Library Meet the Needs of Smaller Academic Institutions and Companies?" in the publication Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship, Winter 2008, available at: 

May 7, 2008

Green Use of Paper

I thought these facts listed in the March/April 2008 issue of Training were interesting.  You can read the full article, "It's Not Easy being Green" in EBSCO Business Source Premier. 

Did You Know?

• 1 tree makes 16.67 reams of copy paper or 8,333 sheets.

• 1 ream of paper (500 sheets) uses 6% of a tree.

• The average cost of a wasted page is $0.06, and the average employee prints 6 wasted pages per day--1,410 wasted pages per year at a cost of $84 per employee.

• The average U.S. office worker prints 10,000 pages a year.

• In 2004, the U.S. used 8 million tons of office paper (3.2 billion reams)--the equivalent of 178 million trees.

• The U.S. uses enough office paper each year to build a 10-foot-high wall that's 6,815 miles long. That's more than the distance from New York to Tokyo.

• Production of 1 ton of copy paper uses 11,134 kWh (the same amount of energy an average household uses in 10 months).

• Making a single sheet of copy paper can use more than 13 ounces of water--more than a typical soda can.

• Production of 1 ton of copy paper produces 19,075 gallons of waste water; 2,278 pounds of solid waste; and 5,690 pounds of green house gases (the equivalent of 6 months of car exhaust).

• It takes 3 tons of wood to produce 1 ton of copy paper.


Great Manga Summary!

If you are interested in manga, or your library collects it, don't miss out on Wired's November 2007 issue that talked about manga in two articles.  (Sorry, I know it is late, but thought it was still valid to point out- it was just routed through the office to my desk).  The first, Japan, Ink, discussed how big publishers cornered the market, but now amateurs are the hottest thing.  The second, is a "10-page graphic guide to Japan's coolest export."

Japan, Inc.:


May 6, 2008

What Keeps You Up At Night?

The first in a new series of podcasts and webinars from Programs and Research staff is now available on the OCLC Web site.

The podcasts are recorded impromptu interviews in which Programs and Research staff ask industry thought leaders “What’s keeping you awake at night?”


For more information, visit:

Best eReference 2007

Don't miss the April 15, 2008, issue of Library Journal.  Brian Coutts and Cheryl LaGuardia wrote "Best Reference 2007" (p. 44- 49) which includes "...homage to ten outstanding electronic resources, several of which front-line reference librarians have been anxiously anticipating for years, others that came out of the blue to delight and inform us."  
One of the titles included is Ladybugs of Alberta, which discusses the cute, friendly ladybugs we are all familiar with from our childhood, along with a discussion of the recent infestations of a “Japanese” variety that “has become somewhat of a plague.” A sample of other titles includes are: The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Folktales and Fairy Tales, The Encyclopedia of American Journalism, British Short Story, and Vault Online Career Library.

April issue of MINITEX Reference Notes

The extended April issue of MINITEX Reference Notes is up on the web and ready for viewing!  This month’s issue includes information on the AskMN—Minnesota's Statewide Cooperative Virtual Reference Service, Rethinking Reference F2F, Literary Legends In Our Time, Introducing the EBSCOhost 2.0 Support Center, PLA Conference Tidbits, Buffalo Community Middle School—ELM Walk-In Workshop, MELSA is the Recipient of the John Cotton Dana Library Public Relations Award, SCImagine! 2008: Robots take over the Library, and more!  
To link to the current or past issues go to .
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April 28, 2008

Writing, Technology and Teens

The Pew Internet & American Life Project, in conjunction with the National Commission of Writing (College Board), has published the results of a survey and study titled “Writing, Technology and Teens.”  It is available online at
The report presents some interesting, and sometimes troubling, conclusions--
·         83% of parents of teens feel there is a greater need to write well today than there was 20 years ago (94% of black parents, 79% of Hispanic).
·         86% of teens believe good writing is important to success in life – some 56% describe it as essential and another 30% describe it as important.
·         60% of teens do not think of electronic texts (text messaging, email, comments on social network sites, blogging) as “writing.”
·         38% say they have used text shortcuts in school work (e.g., LOL, IMHA, etc.)
·         25% have used emoticons (e.g., J) in school work.
·         Most teens write something nearly every day for school, but for 82% the average writing assignment is a paragraph to one page in length.
And even more unfortunately,
·         26% of boys say they never write for personal enjoyment outside of school.

Flashing Lights Warn Library Visitors to Be Quiet

From the Chronicle of Higher Ed

To tamp down the noise level in their libraries, some colleges are considering installing a warning system that looks like a traffic signal. Called the Deluxe Yacker Tracker, the device flashes a yellow light to indicate when the noise exceeds a certain level. When it exceeds the level by at least 15 decibels, the red light illuminates and a siren can go off, too.

What ever happened to just approaching students and telling them to keep it down?---Andrea L. Foster

April 23, 2008

Teens Know Best


School Library Journal just intereviewed Adela Peskorz, Faculty Librarian and Associate Professor of Adolescent Literature and Information Studies, Metropolitan State University (MN).  Peskorz "becomes den mother to anywhere between 20 to 45 teens, all clamoring to get their hands on new galleys from teen and young adult publishers. The self-titled Teens Know "Best" YA Galley Group is part of YALSA's Young Adult (YA) Galley/Teen's Top Ten Project which uses 15 public libraries and school library media centers from across the country to provide feedback to publishers of young adult books. "

To read the full article, visit:

April 21, 2008

Party photo phenomenon

Have you ever considered a photo shoot to publicize your library’s services? The latest issue of College & Research Libraries News (vol. 64, no.4, April 2008) features the article, “Party photo phenomenon,” by Daisy Benson and Selene Colburn from the University of Vermont. In the article they discuss recruiting efforts for student models by having green screens and waivers at events and asking students to pose with an “Ask” campaign sign. The images were used in flyers, posters and bookmarks. Then the libraries carried the campaign into the Web 2.0 world, with posting the images on Flickr and Facebook. In Facebook they created a group called, UVM Libraries’ Top Models and used the Facebook event feature to display upcoming photo shoots on the UVM network calendar, which there are over 16,000 members. Students have met the campaign with an overwhelming response- they have tagged photos, downloaded them to their Facebook pages and joined the Libraries group. To read more about the article and listen to a podcast, including the unique Facebook Flyer Feature, visit:

College & Research Libraries News

Did you see the latest cover of College & Research Libraries News?   The image on the cover features “a woman working with Zato-coding, a system of information retrieval that employs special cards with notches representing information in the document which the card referred.” The image can be found in the Charles Babbage Institute, an archive dedicated to the history of computing and information technology in the Elmer L. Andersen Library at the University of Minnesota. 

April 14, 2008

The Semantic Web - more than a fancy term

 Tom Zillner, Research Coordinator, at Wisconsin Library Services wrote a wonderful summary on the semantic web and its importance for library staff and our patrons. 

Zillner states,  Takeaways From This Article

• The potential of the semantic web will soon translate into reality.

 • Yahoo! Search’s adoption of semantic web searching will provide a richer return of information to its users.

 • RDF (Resource Description Framework) is a format for representing semantic information.

 • Microformats can also represent semantics.

 • Watch for other search engines to weigh in with their own version of semantic search.

You can read the full article at:

March 25, 2008

Minnesota's 2008 LJ Movers & Shakers

One of Minnesota’s own, Jennifer Nelson, with Minneapolis Public Library, is a 2008 Library Journal Mover and Shaker for her advocacy role. The following is an excerpt from the article:
Jennifer Nelson puts together programs, she says, that help solve “some of the inequities we see in our community.” As partnerships coordinator for digital inclusion at the Minneapolis Public Library, she collaborated with the Neighborhood Development Center to develop the Micro Entrepreneur Resource Center ( and then make it more widely accessible by raising money to get its Business Plan Builder translated into Somali and Spanish.” 

March 17, 2008

100 Ways to use your iPod


American Libraries Direct:Student Edition March 13, 2008, vol. 1. no. 1 had a link to an interesting article "100 ways to use an iPod to learn and study better."  You can find the article at:


To subscribe to this Student AL Direct, visit: 

February 11, 2008

February Reference Notes

The February issue of MINITEX Reference Notes is up on the web and ready for viewing!  This month’s issue includes information on Black History Month: It’s for Everyone, On the Road with Reference Services Staff, Aaron Swartz presentation on Evaluating Emerging Technologies and other thoughts on Library 2.0, New Leadership for New Challenges, LARL Receives Library Innovation Award, Searching Skills to Know and Use, Library Spaces: Future Needs and more!
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February 1, 2008

Librarians Say the MLS Matters; Cost a Key Issue

Another article highlighted by Library Journal's Academic Newswire shows that a "recent job satisfaction survey suggested there was one overarching reason why the MLS was important to them: advancement. But, while you can’t afford not to have the degree if you expect to advance professionally, paying for the degree is another matter.  For more on this click here.  Remember that Library Journal  can be veiwed via the Professional Collection, MasterFILE Premier, and Academic Search Premier- all part of ELM!

A Nod to Our Profession

"How they came to their careers is as varied as the people themselves, but despite some clear challenges for college and university librarians in the digital age, academic librarianship is good work, according to Library Journal's recent Job Satisfaction Survey (examined in Take This Job and Love It ). The overwhelming majority of the 1,209 academic respondents—some 70 percent across all age groups and institution size—reported being either “very satisfied” (32.1 percent) or “satisfied” (37.9 percent) with their jobs. Just under a quarter reported they were “somewhat satisfied” (23.4 percent). Only 6.7 percent admitted they were dissatisfied with their career choice."  This is from Library Journal Academic Newswire, which can be viewed here

January 29, 2008

Hot Off The Press: The Horizon Report 2008

The annual Horizon Report describes the continuing work of the New Media Consortium NMC)*s Horizon Project, a five-year qualitative research effort that seeks to identify and describe emerging technologies likely to have a large impact on teaching, learning, or creative expression within learning-focused organizations.


Notable Emerging Technologies for Education in the 2008 Report Include:



***Grassroots Video

***Collaboration Web

***Mobile Broadband

***Data Mashups

***Collective Intelligence


The report can be found at:



Posting from listserv

British Study Says "Google Generation" a Myth; Libraries Must Step Up

In Library Journal, Norman Oder summarizes a new study commissioned by the British Library and JISC, Information Behaviour of the Researcher of the Future.  In the report, it states" says that the "Google Generation"—youth born or brought up in the Internet age—is not particularly web-literate, and their research traits—impatience in search and navigation and zero tolerance for any delay in satisfying their information needs—are becoming the norm for all age-groups."

  • Young people not very web-literate
  • Libraries must make interfaces easier
  • Libraries must integrate content with commercial search engines
  • To read Oder's summary, visit:

    To read the report, visit:


    January 8, 2008

    Copyright & Media

    David Pogue wrote a great article December 20, 2007 for the New York Times called "The Generational Divide in Copyright Morality."  It is a great article to stir up discussion on what is copyright in the digital age, and what is okay and not okay!  Excellent for conversation with the k-12 audience and beyond!  You can find the article at: 

    January 3, 2008

    December MINITEX Reference Notes

    The December issue of MINITEX Reference Notes is up on the web and ready for viewing!  This month’s issue includes information on the Discovering Collection’s New Interface and Functionality, A Nightmare or an Opportunity?, Institutional Technology; Barriers to Teaching Internet Literacy, NEW MINITEX Webinars, December M.O.R.E. Webinar Training Participants, Opinions from Youngish Professionals, Best Free Reference Web Sites, Homeschooling Educators, and more!
    To link to the current or past issues go to
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    January 2, 2008

    ELM makes reference website list!

    This little-known website is an extraordinary online resource." stated the blurb on ELM in the most recent issue (Jan 2008) of the MPLS/ St. Paul magazine!  The Electronic Library for Minnesota (ELM) was the only reference website listed in the article "Guide to Weird, Wacky Wonderful Local Websites" (p 186).  Let's make ELM more than just a "little-known website" this year!  For training or promotional materials contact the MINITEX Reference Services department at 1-800-462-5348.

    Information searches that solve problems

    Just out on December 30, 2007--PEW/Internet "Information searches that solve problems"   GREAT data on use of libraries by Americans and very good news for public libraries.   53% of Americans reporting having used a public library in the past year and, drum roll, highest use is amoung Gen Y (age 18-30).
    Here's the URL:
    click on reports, it's the first one.

    December 11, 2007

    RUSA New Reference Definition

    The ALA's Reference and User Services Association (RUSA) currently solicited feedback on the definition of reference, and possible changes to that definition with the idea of presenting a new definition—or reaffirming the current one—to the RUSA board at the ALA Midwinter Meeting in January.

    The current and suggested changed can be read and commented on at:

    November 30, 2007

    November Reference Notes

    The November issue of MINITEX Reference Notes is up on the web and ready for viewing!  This month’s issue includes information on the MLA Annual Conference, Research Project Calculator Plus, Being Information Efficient, Academic Librarians and the Faculty Blogoverse, CMLE Annual Meeting & Workshop, MORE Training Opportunities, November is NaNoWriMo, New from ALA TechSource Web 2.0 & Libraries, and more! 
    To link to the current or past issues go to .
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    November 19, 2007

    October Reference Notes

    The October issue of MINITEX Reference Notes is up on the web and ready for viewing!  This month’s issue includes information on MEMO Conference 2007 – "Creating a New Literacy Landscape"; School Media Specialist Blogs; Friendly Southwest Minnesota Calls Again!; WebJunction Minnesota Update; Teleconferences Via Streaming Video; MINITEX Podcast of the Month and more!
    To link to the current or past issues go to
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    Library Technology Reports on Web 2.0 available through Professional Collection

    New from ALA TechSource
    Web 2.0 & Libraries, Part 2: Trends and Technologies (vol. 43:5)

    by Michael Stephens, Ph.D
    In this issue of LTR, librarian and educator Michael Stephens states, "We'll revisit some of the social tools presented in 'Web 2.0 & Libraries: Best Practices for Social Software,' address some trends guiding social technology in libraries, take a look at some newer tools, and cover some best practices for using 2.0 tools in your library." Topics include:
    • Value-added blogging
    • Building a community Web site with a blog
    • Ten best practices for Flickr and libraries
    • Social sites like MySpace, Facebook, YouTube
    • Tagging and social bookmarking
    • Messaging in a 2.0 World: Twitter & SMS
    • Podcasting
    • The OPAC rebooted
    • How libraries such as the Hennepin County Library and the Arlington Heights Memorial Library are using 2.0 tools
    This issue and others for Library Technology Reports is available at no extra charge on ELM through the Professional Collection. To access this issue, go to the Professional Collection, click on Publication Search and enter “Library Technology Reports.” Then select Volume 43 Issue 5 to obtain all the chapters!
    For more information on the publication, visit:

    October 2, 2007

    September Reference Notes

    The September issue of MINITEX Reference Notes is up on the web and ready for viewing!  This month’s issue includes information on Another Successful Stint at the State Fair!, Flickr Photos!, Homeschooling with ELM, More M.O.R.E. Training, Finding Trends that Matter, Fall Webinar Schedule, MINITEX Podcast with Beth Kelly, of the Month and more!
    To link to the current or past issues go to
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    September 13, 2007

    Libraries Connect Communities: Public Library Funding & Technology Access Study 2006-2007 Report

    The full report, “Libraries Connect Communities: Public Library Funding & Technology Access Study 2006-2007 Report” has been published.  Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the American Library Association (ALA), the Studyis part of a sustained effort to provide current information that describes access to computers and the Internet in U.S. public libraries.
    ·         You can find it at or purchase a copy online at the ALA Store:
    ·         If time is short, and you just want to see the report highlights, I highly recommend review of these three sections.

    September 5, 2007

    August Newsletter

    The August issue of MINITEX Reference Notes is up on the web and ready for viewing!  This month’s issue includes information on "Back to School" in Detroit Lakes, Time with Teachers, Open Library Opens to the Public, My Health Minnesota –> Go Local, 2007-08 Teleconference Season, Collaborative Virtual Reference Symposium and more!  
    To link to the current or past issues go to
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    September 4, 2007

    Tomorrow's Workforce

    I just read the article “Biz Kids: Today’s tech-savy kids want everything yesterday. So what happens when they hit the workforce?” in July/August 2007 issue of Training. It had some interesting discussions on education and the traditional classroom model of desks and a blackboard with the teacher lecturing that is used in most classrooms today, rather than creating information together , in an interactive learning environment, which the elementary kids of today do outside of class. The No Child Behind initiative was discussed and the issue of teachers teaching kids how to test.  An interesting thought on this issue is that if kids are being tested through multiple choice, “which do not require much higher-level thinking skills, our future workforce might have fewer problem solving skills and less practiced high-level reasoning.”   However, this is where extracurricular activities and today’ students pastime of gaming excel. Gaming is all about solving a problem or developing a certain skill using high-level reasoning. 

    August 28, 2007

    New Searching Study

    The iProspect Offline Channel Influence on Online Search Behavior Study, which was sponsored by iProspect and conducted by JupiterResearch, reveals: 

    •  two-thirds of the online search population is driven to search by offline channels
    • 39 percent of online searchers who are influenced by offline channels ultimately make a purchase
    The implications of these findings should be clear, according to iProspect President Robert Murray. A synergistic relationship exists between search and offline channels. Smart marketers have a huge opportunity to leverage offline channels to drive their audience to search for them, and doing so could greatly enhance the effectiveness of their efforts.

    August 1, 2007

    Online video now reaches a mainstream audience

    57 percent of Internet users have watched videos online and most of them share what they find with others

    The growing adoption of broadband combined with a dramatic push by content providers to promote online video has helped to pave the way for mainstream audiences to embrace online video viewing. Fifty-seven percent of online adults have used the Internet to watch or download video, and 19 percent do so on a typical day. Three-quarters of broadband users (74 percent) who enjoy high-speed connections at both home and work watch or download video online.

    The Pew Internet & American Life Project’s first major report on online video also shows how many video viewers have contributed to the viral and social nature of online video. More than half of online video viewers (57 percent) share links to the video they find with others, and three in four (75 percent) say they receive links to watch video that others have sent to them.

    Video viewers who actively exploit the participatory features of online video, such as rating content, posting feedback or uploading video, make up the motivated minority of the online video audience. Young adults are the most active participants in this realm.

    July MINITEX Reference Notes

    The July issue of MINITEX Reference Notes is up on the web and ready for viewing!  In an effort to bring you the most information to you in a timely manor, the July newsletter is the largest issue so far.  This month’s issue includes information on the ELM Renewal, Gale PowerSearch Cutover, You're Invited to the Launch of My Health Minnesota –> Go Local!, The Record Breaker, Blogging Through ALA, See you at the Fair, More M.O.R.E. Training, Fall 2007 Conferences and more!  
    To link to the current or past issues go to
    Don’t miss out on this timely information!

    July 26, 2007

    Professional Development Through Learning Communities

    Take a look at the below article on Learning Communities.  Try to think how your institution and MINITEX is fostering learning communities amongst library staff.

    July 9, 2007

    June Reference Notes

    The June issue of MINITEX Reference Notes is up on the web and ready for viewing!  This month’s issue includes information on Information Literacy: Leading the Way to Life-Long Learning, Minnesota Digital Library 5th Annual Meeting, Research Libraries in the Age of Google, University of Minnesota Libraries Join Google Digitization Project and more!  


    To link to the current or past issues go to


    Don’t miss out on this timely information!

    July 6, 2007

    American Libraries Celebrates 100 Years

    American Libraries, the official magazine of the American Library Association, is celebrating its 100th birthday with a video entitled, "We've Been Everywhere."  The video was unveiled at this summer's ALA Conference in D.C. but you can check it out here.



    June 20, 2007

    You and Me and Google Makes Three: Welcoming Google into the Reference Interview

    I you haven't read the article "You and Me and Google Makes Three: Welcoming Google into the Reference Interview" by Jill Cirasella, now is the time:


    June 1, 2007

    May 2007 Reference Notes

    The extended May issue of MINITEX Reference Notes is up on the web and ready for viewing!  This month’s issue includes information on Flickr: A Web 2.0 Tool Applied to the Library, OCLC's and WorldCat Local Pilot Project, Perpich Center for Arts Education: Not Just an Arts High School, I Wonder What This Is Worth: Unlocking Hidden Treasures, Teleconference: Relevance of Libraries in a Digital Age, Enhancing Quality Staff, Are You Ready for a Virtual Reference Adventure?, MINITEX Podcast of the Month  and more!  
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    May 30, 2007

    Customized Search Engines Discussed

    Wondering how to apply the Google Customized Search Engine field to the library world, or to assist your patrons?  Read the latest issue of the Google Librarian Newsletter.  the article "Google Custom Search Engine: A Powerful Tool for Knowledge Experts" by Dan Appleman, provides a wonderful and powerful look as to how this feature enables software developers accomplish desired tasks more quickly and efficiently.  To read the article, visit:

    A library specific Customized Search Engine that has already been created is the Librarian's E-Library, at:

    Another interesting website I found perusing the Internet is on Search Engine Showdown.  They compare six customized search engines with the topic of State Libraries.  See what you think of each search engine, visit:

    As posted before, MINITEX has created tutorials on how to create a Google Customized Homepage and a Google Custom Search Engine.  To view these tutorials, visit:


    May 29, 2007

    The Four Habits of Highly Effective Librarians

    This article from the “Careers” section of the 5/23/07  “Chronicle of Higher Education” is worth a read.  To view the article, visit:

    Also will be available on MasterFILE Premier in a month through ELM (1 month embargo).

    May 3, 2007

    EXTENDED April issue of MINITEX Reference Notes

    The EXTENDED April issue of MINITEX Reference Notes is up on the web and ready for viewing! This month’s issue includes information on Moving Beyond Train the Trainer, WebJunction Training Sessions: Challenging Current Conventions, ACRL's Women's Studies Section—Core Books Database, ALA's YALSA 2007 Selected Audiobooks for Young Adults, Homeschoolers Unite! MINITEX Visits MACHE Conference Again, Visiting the ACRL Conference Virtually, MINITEX Podcast of the Month and more!

    To link to the current or past issues go to

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    April 26, 2007

    51 Students Represent Minnesota in History Day Competition

    51 students across Minnesota will represent the state at the National History Day Competition in June at the University of Maryland, College Park. This year's theme, "Triumph and Tragedy in History" encouraged students to choose a topic in history from ancient to recent times and demonstrate how the event was either a triumph or tragedy or both. Students were asked to explain time, place, and context, cause and effect, change over time, impact and significance,
    when and where events happened, why events occurred, and what factors contributed to their development. They were also encouraged to use both primary and secondary sources to tell their stories.

    History Day is co-sponsored by the Minnesota Historical Society and the University of Minnesota.

    Congratulations to all participants and good luck to the finalists in June!

    April 2, 2007

    New Article Published by MINITEX Reference Staff Member

    Carla Steinberg Pfahl, MINITEX reference staff member, along with colleagues from University of Minnesota Libraries - Twin Cities, Van Houlson and Kate McCready, has published an article in the recent issue of Internet Reference Services Quarterly, vol. 11, no. 4. Here is the transcript from that article:

    A Window into Out Patron’s Needs: Analyzing Data from Chat Transcripts

    Abstract: This article provides an analysis of transcripts of chat reference transactions. The data analyzed for this study were from 631 chat reference transcripts from the University of Minnesota Libraries – Twin Cities Campus collected from January to Mary for both 2003 and 2004. Specifically, the patrons’ statuses, the length of sessions, the type of chat transactions, and the types of questions asked were examined. The findings determined that though a majority of patrons seeking assistance from the chat reference service were undergraduates (41%), graduate students used the service a surprising amount (28%). Overwhelmingly, most students needed assistance finding specific items or wanted to know how to find a resource. However, 17% of the undergraduates using this service were seeking in-depth reference assistance. The analysis has allowed for the transformation of chat reference services (including staffing and training) and also informs decisions about library services, Web sites, and collections.

    March 27, 2007

    March Referernce Notes

    March Reference Notes is available online:

    March 13, 2007

    OCLC welcomes 202 Taiwan libraries to OCLC cooperative

    DUBLIN, Ohio, USA, 8 March 2007—Taiwan has added 202 libraries to the OCLC cooperative as full cataloging, Governing Members.

    The Taiwan OCLC Governing Members Consortium libraries have agreed to catalog all their newly acquired titles using WorldCat, the world's most comprehensive database of items held in libraries around the globe. The WorldCat database is used to catalog materials, find materials for interlibrary loan, and can be used to search for library materials on the open Web via the service.

    February 14, 2007

    Web, Library, and Teen Services 2.0

    Young Adult Library Services; Winter2007, Vol. 5 Issue 2, p40-43, 4p
    By: Bolan, Kimberly; Canada, Meg (Hennepin County Librarian); Cullin, Rob

    The article provides information about three online information services for teenagers which include Web 2.0. Library 2.0 and Teen Services 2.0 in the U.S. Web 2.0 is the next generation of Internet-based services, such as networking sites, wikis, folksonomies, tagging and interactive web services, that allow online collaboration and sharing of information. Library 2.0 was developed through the inspiration of Michael Casey and its elements are customer service, podcasting and its latest services gaming. Teen Services 2.0 focuses on the participation of teenagers by listening to the different needs, wants and ideas to design a program that fits their needs.

    Continue reading "Web, Library, and Teen Services 2.0" »

    January 25, 2007

    Follow-up to April 2006

    Reference Notes April 2006, featured and article titled, “Consumer Health Information (CHI) need within the Spanish-speaking population.” In the latest newsletter by Reforma (Winter 2006) there is a great article entitled “Bee Stings and the Library.” The author stresses the importance oof sensitivity and culturally appropriate health information. The article suggests the following resources:

    Reference Interview
    Guidelines for providing Medical Information to Consumers
    ICON Library Consortium
    US Dept. of Health and Human Services profile of the health in the Hispanic Population

    January 24, 2007

    How Young People View Their Lives, Futures and Politics

    A Portrait of "Generation Next"

    The Pew Research Center has released a new report: A Portrait of "Generation Next": How Young People View Their Lives, Futures and Politics." The report includes a lot of interesting findings about our 18-25 year olds in the U.S.

    68% believe their generation is unique and distinct
    84% believe they have better educational opportunities than were available 20 years ago
    72% believe they have access to higher paying jobs than were available 20 years ago
    They believe that their generation uses more sex, alcohol, and drugs and is more violent
    52% believe that immigration strengthens the nation
    Read through the findings and then think--how can your library use this data to better target services toward this age group?

    January 16, 2007

    2007 National Freshman Attitudes Report

    2007 National Freshman Attitudes Report

    “The 2007 National Freshman Attitudes Report,” a survey of nearly 100,000 incoming freshmen at 292 public and private two- and four-year colleges, finds that men and women share high expectations for getting a degree, “no matter what obstacles get in my way.” But male students at the same time report coming into college with far less ambitious intellectual interests and sharply lesser study habits than their female counterparts. Even so, male students in general express greater confidence in their academic abilities than do female students.
    - Summary from

    January 2, 2007

    December Reference Notes

    The December issue of MINITEX Reference Notes is up on the web and ready for viewing! This month’s issue includes information on the Digital Divide, TIES Conference '06, Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate, Next Gen Librarianship: Where Do We Go from Here? Teleconference, Previous Teleconferences Now Available for Checkout Online, and more!

    To link to the current or past issues go to
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    December 21, 2006

    Librarians as Writing Instructors

    MINITEX's new CPERS librarian, Rita Baladad, along with Karen Bronshteyn, published the article "Librarians as Writing Instructors: Using Paraphrasing Exercises to Teach Beginning Information Literacy Students" in The Journal of Academic Librarianship, Volume, 32, Number 5, pages 533-536.

    "This article promotes the use of paraphrasing exercises and add-ons to information literacy instruction in order for students to gain proficiency in thinking critically about a source and expressing their own voice with the convention of parenthetical citation. Examples are provided for development and assessment of a paraphrasing excise to promote the effective utilization of information."

    December 18, 2006

    National Resource Center for the First Year Experience and Students in Transition

    "The National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition has as its mission to support and advance efforts to improve student learning and transitions into and through higher education. We achieve this mission by providing opportunities for the exchange of practical, theory-based information and ideas through the convening of conferences, teleconferences, institutes, and workshops; publishing monographs, a peer-reviewed journal, a newsletter, guides, and books; generating and supporting research and scholarship; hosting visiting scholars; and administering a web site and electronic listservs."

    For a guide to our profession's literature on the First Year Experience and Students in Tranisition see the annotated FYE Bibliography.

    December 12, 2006

    New Pew Report on Internet Use and Science Information

    The Pew Internet and American Life Project has just released a new report on the use of the internet for information seekers titled “The Internet as a Resource for News and Information about Science: The convenience of getting scientific material on the web opens doors to better attitudes and understanding of science.” The report found that 40 million Americans use the internet as their first choice for finding news and information about science. Also, overall, 87% of online users use the internet as a research tool, which comes out to about 128 million adults. They found that convenience was the largest reason why people go online first to seek information and that half of all internet users have visited a website that is scientific in content. If you would like to read more about the interesting findings from the Pew report you can access it via this link:

    December 4, 2006

    Southwestern Ohio's Return from Investment

    Economic Benefit Study Released November 29, 2006
    Southwestern Ohio's Return from Investment
    in Public Libraries Nearly 4 to 1
    A new study released November 29, 2006 shows that nine public library systems in Butler, Clermont, Hamilton, and Warren counties in Southwest Ohio create an annual economic impact of nearly four times the amount invested in their operations. The report from Levin, Driscoll & Fleeter in Columbus concludes that, using a conservative measure of value the libraries' cumulative expenditure of about $74 million returned a quantifiable direct economic benefit of $238.6 million, or $3.81 for each dollar expended in 2005. The study also recognizes that these libraries add significant value to their users and communities that cannot be assigned a dollar value including, "improved economic prospects and an enhanced quality of life."

    Read more at:

    Reference Notes November 2006

    Check out November's Reference Notes at:

    Career College Libraries: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

    Here is an article written by Melissa Aho, a career college librarian at the Minnesota School of Business.

    Career College Libraries: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly in LIScareer for Novemeber 2006

    November 27, 2006

    Drafted: I Want You to Deliver E-Government

    If you have not read this Library Journal article I suggest you take a moment to read through it.

    Drafted: I Want You to Deliver E-Government
    By John Carlo Bertot, Paul T. Jaeger, Lesley A. Langa, & Charles R. McClure — August 15, 2006
    Public access computing grows, but libraries need more funding to serve as the first refuge and last resort for e-government support, public computing, and Internet access.

    October 17, 2006

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