St. Paul Stabbing Suspect Wanted to Go To Jail, Say Police

A St. Paul man charged with stabbing a grocery store clerk said he did it because he wanted to go to jail, according to a criminal complaint quoted in the Pioneer Press.
The suspect, Raymond Andrew Berg, claimed to be on schizophrenia medication. Berg previously plead guilty to vandalizing a Wal-Mart store on University Avenue because "he had no place to stay, and he knew this action would get him in jail," according to the complaint. This was apparently his goal when he stabbed the clerk as well. The Star Tribune quotes Berg as saying "I wouldn't like to go back out on the street again."
Berg chose a male clerk because he didn't want to stab a woman, according to the Star Tribune article.
The 35-year-old victim was stabbed in the chest and suffered a punctured lung but was expected to recover, according to the Pioneer Press story.
The Pioneer Press reports that a judge has ordered Berg to undergo evaluation for mental illness before the trial proceeds.

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