Pawlenty Hopes to Slash Budget (Again)

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Gov. Tim Pawlenty unveiled a budget proposal Monday that would cut aid to cities, counties, and human services to tackle a $1.2 billion state budget deficit, reports the Star Tribune.
The proposal would cut $250 million from aid to local government, $347 million from human services programs, $47 million from higher education, and $181 million from other programs, according to the governor's office.
Pawlenty's proposal also includes a 20 percent tax cut for small business and corporations, costing the state $278 million in tax revenues through 2013.
Pawlenty said these cuts would improve the business and job climate in the state. According to the Pioneer Press, DFL leaders have criticized Pawlenty for a budget they say hurts Minnesota and benefits corporations. They say his cuts will hit public safety programs despite the governor's previous pledges to protect them.

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Matt: You do a nice job on these entries. Be sure to hit the deadlines, and don't forget about the analysis entries. GG

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