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Community Responds to Weekend Violence

Minneapolis community leaders are concerned about a rash of shootings over the weekend that left a teenager dead, according to the Star Tribune.
17-year-old Alisha Neeley was killed by gunfire outside a north Minneapolis party.
Four young men were wounded in three other separate incidents on Saturday and Sunday.
Renewed gang activity from members released from jail could be the cause of Neeley's death, according to K.G. Wilson, president of Hope Ministries and City Council member Don Samuels.
Minneapolis police said in a Minnesota Public Radio story that the shootings are "unacceptable," but not necessarily related to each other.

Chile Responds to Earthquake

Aftershocks, damaged roads, fallen bridges and downed telephone lines have hampered rescue efforts in Chile, according to the New York Times.
The BBC reports that the Chilean military has been deployed to restore order, quell looting, and distribute aid in the most ravaged areas. 160 people were arrested in Concepcion, one of the hardest hit cities. One man was killed.
"We need food for the population. We are without supplies, and if we don't resolve that we are going to have serious security problems," said Mayor Jacqueline van Rysselberghe.
The New York Times reports the nation-wide death toll at 711, the BBC at 723.
According to both publications, the Chilean government has requested aid from the United Nations.

Obama Plans to Reduce Nuclear Arsenal

President Barack Obama plans to make dramatic reductions to the U.S.'s nuclear arsenal, according to an administration official in this New York Times article.
The United States will develop no new nuclear weapons, and would eliminate "redundant" weapons by removing stored warheads from service.
The number of reductions would be "in the thousands," according to a senior administration official.
The plan will be contained in the Nuclear Posture Review, undertaken by each president to determine nuclear policy.
Mr. Obama outlined his nuclear vision last April, calling for the world to stop the spread of nuclear weapons and to abandon cold war thinking, according to the BBC.

U of M President Appeals To Legislature on State Aid

The University of Minnesota's president appealed to the Minnesota legislature to soften cuts to the university's state aid Thursday, according to an article in the Pioneer Press.
President Robert Bruininks said he'd like to see Gov. Tim Pawlenty's $36 million cutsreduced to $24 million. Cuts to education are a part of Pawlenty's plan to reduce the state's budget deficit.
The university has weathered many significant cuts since 2004, and has reached the limits of its ability to make deep cuts, said Bruininks.
Bruininks said the university would explore energy conservation and administrative reorganizations to lessen the blow, but that serious job cuts and tuition hikes would be necessary.
He also stressed that the university is a valuable resource for the state's future that shouldn't be choked off.
According to the Minnesota Daily, higher education makes up 9% of Minnesota's budget.

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