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Special Issues


I don't think that we should use this blog to discuss AEs...but we can use it to discuss the special issues

Dear all, I thought we could use the blog to discuss the special issues...
We have one proposal from Detmar, Joe Valacich and Venki Venkatesh.

One more will be coming in about virtual worlds. I should be receiving it soon. In the meantime we can start our discussion of the special process special issue proposal.

What do you think about the special process special issue?

This seems very similar to the process used at MISQE where the SE and reviewers engage in a conference call. It could potentially streamline the process. However, I'm not totally comfortable (yet)with proposing this as a "special issue." Usually special issues editors have expertise in a content domain. This seems more like an experiment with the review process.... comparing the quality with that of the normal review process. Can this be done as a part of the existing structure? I'm open minded about this - so I'd like to know what others think?