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April 2005 Archives

2005-2006 Doctoral Program Entrants Announced

In September 2005, the Information and Decision Sciences Doctoral Program will welcome two new doctoral students to our program. They are: * Ms. SuJong Choi has a BA in Business Administration and Economics, and an MA in Business Administration from Sogang University of Korea. She also holds an MS in...

During March 2005, MISRC Director, Robert J. Kauffman, was appointed as a Senior Editor for the Elsevier journal Electronic Commerce Research and Applications. His appointment followed up his contribution of a special issue of the journal which appeared in Winter 2005, which was co-edited with Rahul Telang of the Heinz...

RFID May Be Coming to a Store Near You

On Monday morning, April 4, MISRC Director Rob Kauffman will be a guest at WCCO Channel 4 in the 6:00-6:30 time slot to discuss radio frequency identification (RFID). RFID is a new technology that is improving the way Minnesota businesses track inventory, and in the case of Mercy Hospital, actually...

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