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Meeting notes, May 20th 2008

Present: Anne Samuelson, Rose Hilk, Therese Ockenden, Elizabeth Richardson, Julie Cousins, Lora Bunge, Sarah Shorma, Nathan Mitchell

Announcements: None

Old business:

Recycling bins (Anne) Newspaper/mixed bins have been delivered
Instructions are now found on the bottoms of office paper lids
Lighting (Elizabeth) Incandescents should be turned off if going unused even briefly
Fluorescents should be turned off if unused for 15 minutes or more
Will check on compact fluorescents
Coffee supply (Rose) Fourth floor pots have been reduced to one kitchen
She has received a couple of questions and some encouragement
Dishwasher is now filling up more quickly
Will check with Ginger about removal of 3rd floor extra pots
Paper reuse bins (Mark) Not in attendance. Additional comments:
Consistent signs needed
- No confidential/damaged paper, blank side up
- Signs explaining manual feed would be helpful
- Garbage bins should be signed to discourage waste
- Some ECRC/WBOB offices/cubicles have no recycling box
Use of stairs (Sarah R) Not in attendance
ECRC recycling (Therese)
Cans & plastic are currently taken home by individuals, glass is recycled
Sarah S. says they are trying to persuade Waste Management to add pick-up
Bike/Walk Week (Nathan & Julie)
Held a “Meet the EpiBike? session last week, with about a dozen visitors
Adjusted one EpiBike to fit shorter riders
Preferred bike route map was posted at the front desk (now outside 335B)
An Epi-Bike “how-to? manual was requested
Mission statement (Nathan)
See below
Revision to previous listing: Therese found that electrical space heaters are prohibited in University facilities. The blog should be updated accordingly with the reference.

Administrative tasks:

Green Team was selected as a name for the committee because it is simple and consistent with other groups around campus. There is a Green Team in Dining Services (composting) and one in the Carlson School for Hanson Hall. EpiCH Going Green was not chosen despite its eggcellent acronym.

The following mission statement was adapted by consent:
The goal of the EpiCH Green Team is to conserve resources by
• sharing information with the Division and University
• answering conservation questions knowledgeably
• recommending policies and procedures
• providing a forum for individuals to recommend and pursue conservation efforts

The next discussion concerned how to communicate within the committee and division. Those who had visited the blog (blog.lib.umn.edu/mitc0186/epichconservation) indicated that it seemed useful. The current list of accounts with access to edit and create entries is kries008, hilk, ocken001, goede001, hoto0003, lille002, shorm001, klein382, kaph0004, fabian, samue109, jone0283, srydell@gmail.com, oenn0002, cousinsj, and erichard. Nathan will prepare instructions for how to add and edit.

Additional communications suggested are as follows:
One introductory e-mail to Epiall
Brief presentations at meetings of the secretaries, administration, faculty and ECRC coordinators
Brief announcements in the Epi News
Monthly newsletters, including the following sections:
Importance of issues addressed
Reduce, reuse and recycle recommendations
Evaluation of EpiCH, such as current paper usage
A logo is desired for postings and by Carol Wiebe for ‘official’ publications
A publicly available listing of projects was also desired.

Because of the number of projects suggested, we discussed how to organize. Suggestions included prioritizing according to interest level, environmental importance or topic. Due to concerns about communicating clearly, it was decided that we will choose topics to address. It was further suggested that we choose seasonal topics. The general consensus was that paper would be a good first topic, because it is something that all staff can relate to, numerous projects have been identified, and our effect is quantifiable.

Elizabeth volunteered to begin the first newsletter. We debated the merits of short, simple and weekly newsletters versus thorough monthly newsletters. Short newsletters may be more likely to be read, while frequent newsletters may be irritating. As the meeting ended it was thought that we should refer this to a higher authority.

New tasks:

Elizabeth will check on compact fluorescent bulb ‘off times’
Therese (ECRC) and Nathan (WBOB) will see how many offices and cubicles need paper recycling boxes, so they can be ordered in the future
Lora will look into logo designs
Nathan will label the EpiBike keys (small and large), update the blog regarding space heaters, and write instructions for editing the blog.
Rose will check with Ginger about removal of 3rd floor extra coffee pots.

Next meetings:

Room 410 reserved from noon to 1 on Tuesdays June 3rd and 17th, July 1st