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How to ride the EpiBikes

The EpiBikes are a fun and comfortable way to get around campus.
These are not ordinary bikes
- "flat-foot" design is much easier for new riders
- bikes fit a wide range of sizes
- basket on front
- helmets are available
- Chain guard to keep your cuffs out of the chain

Here is a brief description of how to use the EpiBikes. If you would like more help ask Nathan Mitchell (335B) or the receptionist.

Go to the reception desk and ask for the bike

Fill out a waiver if it is your first time

Choose a key (The shorter bike accomodates people under 6 feet, the taller should fit most everyone)

Sign out the key/bike on the form

Take a helmet from the closet and a seat from under the reception desk

Go to the middle level of the parking ramp and find the funny blue bikes

Put the seat and post in, then flip the lever shut
The lever compresses the bike frame so it grabs the seat post. It takes a little strength to flip. If the post does not slide in then you will first need to flip it the other direction to take the tension off.

Insert the key in the lock and turn 180 degrees
You may need to spin the plastic cover around to get to the keyhole

Take the lock off and put it in the holder or the basket
We recommend the basket unless it's full. If you hold the bike lock upside down the silver part on the lock slides into the black lock holder by the rear wheel. To take the lock off you slide the button on the lock holder and pull.

Ride away.
Balance may seem a little strange, but you'll find it much easier to travel at low speeds and stop because you are closer to the ground. Your weight will be on your rear instead of your hands.

To shift spin your right hand grip. Choose 1 for steep uphills and 7 for going fast, or just stay somewhere in the middle.

Wash your hands if necessary. It's not unusual to get some of the seat post lubricant (graphite?) on your hands.