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Green Team Logo

A logo has been chosen!

Initial competition was tight, but at the June 17th meeting 'F' was the clear favorite. For a copy of the logo contact Nathan Mitchell.

These logos were created by Lora Bunge using Clip Art on-line. She says Carol Wiebe told her this is acceptable for internal use at a non-profit.


F is my favorite - it seems very professional.
E is next.
I prefer B, C or D to A.

I like "C" the best.


I like C the best. My second choice would be E.

"B" is my favorite. I like the color and shape

B is the favorite for three of us. We think it is clearer, more focused and we like the color and shape.

C is my favorite, then B.

I would recommend looking at the pictures in black and white because we probably won't be printing in color.

I like "F" the best. It seems like it would fit nicely in the corner of a flier or posting.

"C" is my second choice.

I guess these are showing up a little screwy on PCs because I created them on my Mac. Nathan is reposting them in a pdf so you can get a more accurate look.

It's really hard to choose, but I think F is my favorite. Clean lines, simple, easy to read, good shape.

E is my second choice. I like the font on that one.

These look great! My top three picks are 1) C, 2) B, and 3) F.

I think my top 3 are: F, B, D

I'd be happy with any of them. They all look great.

Brilliant idea to look at them in black and white. I still like B the best for the bold appearance

I like B first, then F.
Thanks for doing this!

Bernie says that B is "cheesy". He liked E and F best.

Sorry to jump in late, and to be "difficult," but I'd love to see the round graphic from F combined with the text layout of E. If that's being to difficult, I'd go with F.

Over all- good job Lora!