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Meeting notes, June 3rd 2008

Present: Rose Hilk, Elizabeth Richardson, Julie Cousins, Lindsey Fabian, Janet Lilleberg, Mark Weaver, Nathan Mitchell

Green Team Minutes Tues June 3rd noon to 1

Present: Rose Hilk, Elizabeth Richardson, Julie Cousins, Lindsey Fabian, Janet Lilleberg,
Mark Weaver, Nathan Mitchell

Announcements: None

Old business:

Lighting (Elizabeth) Compact fluorescents should be turned off if unused for 5 minutes or more

Coffee supply (Rose) Third floor pots have now been reduced to one kitchen

Paper reuse bins (Mark) No change yet

Cube recycling boxes Nathan had not yet counted WBOB needs, Therese was not in attendance

EpiBike EpiBikes are now labeled larger and smaller. Height guidelines were requested.

Turning off computers Mark revealed that you can find your backup schedule by looking in Retrospect

New tasks:
Coffee supply (Rose) Rose will look into removing the extra coffee makers, which are rented
All present supported that idea to reduce electrical expenditures

Our current focus is on reducing paper use. Our general plan is to gather support from the administration, put in the necessary environmental support (instructions, recycling boxes, etc.) and then issue 1 or more newsletters to staff. Lindsey proposed we set a goal and ask the administration to offer a reward if it is met, such as a picnic if we cut paper use 15%. This raises the issue of measurement.

Nathan Meet with Bernie to present our ideas and garner approval/support
Therese & Julie Count cubicles missing recycling boxes (ECRC & WBOB)
Elizabeth Draft a newsletter topic list to describe our goals/recommendations/procedures
Lindsey Look into creation of a Green Team bulletin board or whiteboard
Mark Measurement: check if copies/print counts are available, and how duplex counts
Janet & Mark Review instructions for computer-based savings:
Manual feeding
Duplex printing
Changing default margins
PDF printing/copying to replace faxes
Rose Distribute “one-sided paper? boxes at printers with instructions

Unassigned Garbage bin signs to discourage waste
Measurement: See if we can gather data on paper purchasing
Bulletin board patrol – keeping them clean makes them effective
Protest campus mailings from Rec Sports, health & wellness
Increase electronic data collection in the Division
Cubicle to cubicle effort

Completed paper-saving projects:
Newspaper/mixed bins have been delivered
Instructions are now found on the bottoms of office paper lids

Next meetings:

Room 410 reserved from noon to 1 on Tuesday June 17th and July 1st