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Meeting notes, July 15th 2008

Present: Lora Bunge, Julie Cousins, Lindsey Fabian, Nathan Mitchell, Therese Ockenden, Elizabeth Richardson, Anne Samuelson, Rose Hilk, Liz Pukenis



Bulletin board No comments/suggestions to date

Logo Logo is pixelated when enlarged

Cubicle paper boxes No progress

Newsletter Lora’s draft newsletter looks great but is long even though awaiting some sections
Elizabeth got copier counts from Tom (2,000,000 per year!)
Mark got printer counts July 1st but can only go back to service counts

One-sided paper Current ones have been used
Wrinkles was misspelled on the labels
EpiCH is switching to Starbucks, so no more Caribou boxes

EpiCH News We had a brief mention

Garbage bins No signs posted (to discourage waste)


Newsletter Lora will send the PPT file to Anne to trim text, add printer counts/paper orders if available, reduce>reuse>recycle explanation, Amy Short’s statement and a Green Team Superhero. Anne will convert it to PDF for final review. Nathan will ask Bernie to send this out to the Division. We will send a follow-up with detailed computer instructions soon. Future editions will be sent more or less quarterly.

Newsletter2 Nathan will check with Jeff about getting web instructions (duplexing, etc) updated

Super hero We will honor people for extraordinary efforts with a certificate.
Lora will ask at the Farmer’s Market about reusable shopping bags as prizes.
Therese will write up our first honoree’s accomplishments
Lindsey will create a certificate.

Coffee Rose will look for info to measure coffee consumption before and after pot removal

Logo Nathan will check into alternative formats

Recycling ECRC lacks real paper recycling bins at their printers and copiers

Picnic We would like a representative on the planning committee to reduce waste

Blog Nathan will add a comment/suggestion entry at the top of the blog

Paper orders The new brand of paper lists no recycled content! Let’s do something.

Garbage bins Post signs to discourage waste

Upcoming meetings scheduled on the following Tuesdays at noon in room 410: 7/29, 8/19, 9/9, 9/30