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Meeting Notes, July 29th 2008

Present: Julie Cousins, Lindsey Fabian, Nathan Mitchell, Therese Ockenden, Sarah Rydell, Elizabeth Richardson, Anne Samuelson, Liz Pukenis, Mark Weaver

Volunteer opportunities at the State Fair Eco Experience. Free admission!
Solar: www.mnrenewables.org/events/ecoexperience/index.php
Farmer’s market and foods: Sarah will post info on bulletin board
Picnic event planning begins at 1 today. Attendance does not mean commitment.

Old Business:

Closing the gap explanation should be clarified and the newsletter sent out.
Bernie’s accompanying talking points should be brief bullets:
We have responsibilities to our funders, the U and the future
Read the newsletter, adopt recommendations, ask questions as needed

Marie Slindee was awarded a framed certificate and canvas bag (from Lindsey) for taking cans and plastic bottles home from the ECRC to recycle.
Faye Imker-Witte brings home glass and is also leaving 8/8, so she should be co- nominated. Liz will look for a frame and Anne will contribute a canvas bag prize, to be awarded on the 4th. Notice will be given in a subsequent newsletter.
Lindsey will shrink the certificate slightly so it can be more easily framed.

Paper orders
The non-recycled paper was an ordering snafu. Future orders are 100% post-consumer.

Garbage bins
Paper is still showing up in the trash. Copy room bins may need to be rearranged. “No paper? signs could be posted.

New tasks / action items:

Cleaning supplies
We received a suggestion that cleaning supplies be 7th Generation. Ginger is investigating, but Liz has access to the U stores and will follow up. The catalog may be an easier way to search.
Custodial staff are non-U contractors. Changing their cleaning supplies was tabled.

Another suggestion was to offer eco-friendly tips via e-mail. It was decided that it would be better to use the blog than do it ourselves. We will informally thank the suggestion contributor.

Nathan will write and send for review an instruction sheet, referring questions to EpiHelp.

Both Caribou and Starbucks have fans among faculty. Bernie requested we resolve this. Our consensus is against a 2nd coffee maker and dumping out 2 brands of excess. Additional comments reflected the belief that people should be happy to have any free coffee, the faculty don’t make the coffee, this isn’t a coffee shop, etc.
We suggest the following in decreasing preference:
1 Fair trade, shade grown organic coffee from a local company, e.g. Peace coffee
2 Caribou: they are local, fair trade certified and over 50% Rainforest Alliance certified
3 One of the 2 French Roast pots on the 3rd floor can be from the other brand
Unfortunately Rose was on vacation and missed this discussion

The URL is inconvenient. Nathan will check into alternatives and linking from Epi

There was a subsequent discussion about how to get more people involved in our efforts and dividing our labor. Certain ongoing roles were adopted, and additional tasks will be assigned at meetings or via an unidentified means.

Ongoing assignments:
Lindsey Superheroes and bulletin board
Anne Minutes
Mark Blog
Nathan Point of contact, agendas

Our next meeting will be centered on brainstorming how to approach energy and water conservation.

Upcoming meetings
Scheduled on the following Tuesdays at noon in room 410: 8/19, 9/9, 9/30